Not necessarily deliberate innuendo in gaming

WARNING! May contain very British humour.

Game writers like a bit of innuendo. Just look at pretty much any sign on anything in any Grand Theft Auto game to see for yourself. There’s no doubt that someone knew what they were doing when they came up with Burger Shot, [email protected] and Pro Laps. But sometimes you’re left wondering whether an innuendo was deliberate or not and that makes it funnier in a lot of ways.

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Acquiescence2710d ago

"If a snake is something long, fleshy and floppy, then a ‘solid snake’ must be something long, fleshy and not floppy. Not floppy is much naughtier than floppy. You’re following all this, right?"

Yeah, you're refering to an erect penis. Right?

TheBalloMan2710d ago

lol, hilarious - i've laughed at almost ALL of these, and no one knew what I was talking about lol :/
don't think americans will get any of this though...

hazelamy2710d ago

"my ars has overheated".
i have got to find an excuse to use that in a comment at least once, and this one doesn't count.