MotorStorm Apocalypse: New Gameplay Footage is Full of Win

A new MotorStorm Apocalypse gameplay video has been emerged. The Video shows footage from a new track.

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Sackdude2025d ago

Looks Brilliant!

This is a day one buy!

DARKrage342024d ago

great! I loved MV and PR... and Evolution looks to have done it again with Apocalypse (I can't wait to see real footage outside the alpha stage)!

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Samus HD2024d ago

I like this Game very much
-- but I don't own ps3

csreynolds2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

How retarded is that title? Full of win indeed... School: go back to. :P

TroyAndAbed2024d ago

You're not on the internet much, are you?

NobleRed2024d ago

Maybe If they finally added a C O C K P I T V I E W!!!!!!!!

GamerSciz2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Motorstorm is all about the mayhem. Adding a cockpit view would almost completely defeat the purpose of the game with the limited view. Not to mention in cockpit view you wouldn't be able to see your car/truck run over smaller cars or bikes. That's quite fun...

OT: I have only seen this one course in all the vids but it seems like I haven't ever seen one person take the exact same route. Can't wait to see how many there really are considering they change per lap.

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thor2024d ago

Seen this track before I think.

MSA is not looking as good as Pacific Rift yet, still, time will tell.

shotgun_ps32024d ago

Yea it's the track they showed at E3. I'm still waiting to see the other car types because so far all I've seen is the rally cars.

GamerSciz2024d ago

If you are unsure how games come to life I will explain very briefly. Pre-alpha code is usually not shown all that often due to bugs and little optimization. Which is why they are probably only showing the one completed track. After pre-alpha the game goes into alpha testing which is only done in-house with game testers. After they feel a lot of bugs are worked out then they put it into a beta/demo either open or closed for the general public. Afterward they put the final touches and finish the game for release.

Also, I want to say I am not attacking you, but instead I am simply explaining for you and others who many not know.

thor2024d ago

Yes I understand, that's why I said "time will tell" :) I am not sure if I am a fan of the visual style, but certainly from a technical standpoint it will look better than PR when the full game releases.

Beefstew4u2023d ago

It's the only track they've shown so far. There's been tons of "Awesome new Motorstorm: Apocalypse footage!!1!!!" but every single one of them has been the same track.

TroyAndAbed2024d ago

I love Motorstorm. It looks like they've maintained the feel of the franchise.

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The story is too old to be commented.