5 Things To Remember When Playing Vanquish

Play Mag: Not everyone seems to be getting the most out of Vanquish, so before you buy it this week here’s some things to consider.

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Quagmire2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

" Yeah, we couldn’t think of a 5th thing to remember,"

how about the fact its shorter than a 4 year-old's attention span.

AKissFromDaddy2895d ago

It took me 10 hours on normal but the game says 5 hours and 37 mins because it doesn't record the time that I use when I restart at a checkpoint from dying or when I choose to restart a level. You would choose to restart a level if you died too many time b/c you lose 1000 points on your final score every time you die and choose to start at a checkpoint, and not restart the level.

I died 6 times on one level and kept starting back on a check point and lost 6000 points on my final score and I only earned 14000 points, lol. I died 27 times in total. This game is long and fun and I started on normal when there are 4 difficulties present: Easy, Casual, Normal and Hard.

After you beat the game you unlock "God Hard", and that probably takes days to beat. I wish Game Informer didn't do a "speed run" on easy, recorded their own time spent playing Vanquish and not reported the in-game clock.

This game is definitely a GOTY nomination and you'll enjoy it from beginning to end.

Sarcasm2895d ago

"This game is definitely a GOTY nomination and you'll enjoy it from beginning to end. "

Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhh... Definitely a good game and glad I rented it. But GOTY nomination, hardly... Sub-par story (lacking thereof) and mediocre CGI cutscenes. Also not to mention some unusual gaming design choices when it comes to combat. Slide in slow mo, shoot them in the head, rinse and repeat. It felt a bit repetitive at times.

Otherwise, when it's fun it's REALLY fun. Definitely deserves an 8.5/10.

DigitalAnalog2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

THANK YOU. My gosh, I was wondering if Game Informer used the info board to check in the final time. Could you please check your PS memory device (if you bought it for that system) to see how many hours you've put into it. I've got a feeling a few idiots are abusing this system.

-End statement

deafwing2895d ago

finished it last night, clocked in 9 hours + - fun, and yes I will replay it :D but mostly for trohpy whoring reasons. Nevertheless, I can't deny, it's fun to play.

mastiffchild2895d ago

No, not a GOTY contender for me but it, also, isn't the short arsed mess some would have you think either. If, like me, you quite like testing yourself and getting high scores, seeing how quick you can do things and gener5ally improving your in game performance while uncovering new ways of playing the game Vanquish is a bit of a must play. Thing is, if that's NOT your thing and you play it like you would Gears or other more usual TPS games then you WILL feel short changed at the lack of MP and co-op modes(they wouldn't possibly work, mind, not with the moves and abilities as you'd have to lose a lot of them just to get MP/Co-op to woprk AT ALL imho).

To me there's a ton of different tactics and styles you can use and juggling them to eke out better and better level scores meant I couldn't finish the game, even on normal, in the kinds of times being reported cos I often want to restart a level after knowing I've made one or two errors early on-something that often affects me with SC and MGS games too(not for score reasons mind but just because I know I've messed up and , say, killed someone in MGS4 that I could have just knocked out and so on)-but becoomes a real habit in this game.

I also think they did a good job with varying the level design and throwing a lot of different enemy typoes and inventive bosses in your way. I predict some AMAZING Youtube speed run and "clean" run vids with the multiplyer exploding with bonuses! I haven't played any of the survival style stuff yet myself but I also imagine that will see some people being incredibly bloody good at the game. I6t's a bit love it or hate it and very easy to miss the point, I think, but I'm getting a ton of value even without MP and finding new ways to play levels almost every time I put the game back on.

I'm VERY tight with my marks for games but I'd be giving this a solid 84% and while that doesn't put it up with the VERY best games in a given year it DOES make it a game I think people must try cos if it IS for you you will get just as much out of it as you would nearly any game WITH MP cops when you think about it just how many games WITH MP do you actually end up p[laying a lot of? Two or three a year? Vanquish isn't suited to that anyway, they knew it and made it a score attack/acrcade style title and it DOES suit that and if you let it get it's hooks into you it's VERY worthwhile and good valkue. Damn the short total length when the replay is inherent but, again, ONLY if you like this sort of thing(extra speed, clean runs, score modes etc). Good and original stuff that, like Bayonetta for me, stops short of the greatest.

tacosRcool2895d ago

remember to keep sliding and do donuts!

timmyrulz2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

5 things to remember...

1. Dont walk too fast or press the "slide on knees" button to prolong the experience
2. Half way through a level, press pause, roll up a joint and go outside for a smoke - It will add half hour to each level
3. Spend a couple of hours looking at the graphics and tell yourself "well they look better than the 360/PS3 version"
4. Read every single word in the instruction manual including the spanish, german, russian and mandarin pages before you play
5. Everytime you play through the game, go through it again and convince yourself that you're in a parallel universe and the "other" you is also playing the game like you the "real" you whilst repeating steps 1-4 thus doubling the play time

TheMutator2895d ago

1) Start the game
2) Sleep for 6 hours
3) Finish the game in 2 hours

Moentjers2895d ago

Can you tell me how long it took you to finish the demo ?
Oh, 2 hours already ?

Djinn2895d ago

every second you play it you should remember that you want be playing it much longer

Venox20082895d ago

could get a GOTY in shooter category definitely.. it's adrenaline pumper expierence, better than gears for sure, and it's a lot faster ^^ :)