Halo 3 'Guardian' multiplayer 1/2

More gameplay video of Halo 3 shown at PAX 07. A little over 5min of gameplay.

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alexander22rednaxela4103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

Reminds me about Gears only in 1st person, anyway it would be great for deathmach.

Gamer134103d ago

Wow i just can,t wait to play Halo 3.

IM OUT...///"""

PS360PCROCKS4103d ago

Haha that was awesome...but that was funny I was listening to my music and watching that and I was like "is their clapping in this song" haha not realizing it, so than I paused it listen and than it got really funny with the audience and stuff lol that was pretty intense! I cannot WAIT!!