Fallout: New Vegas is buggy. So what?

Play-mag: "Obsidian get some stick for bringing out buggy games, but I don’t care. Why? Read on, reader."

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Gambit072859d ago

It's a great, long single player game, so I don't mind a few glitches here and there, in fact some are pretty hilarious.

Brewski0072859d ago

How often does one come across a game that gives a single player experience that can last months doing everything. Not very often in this day and age. A few bugs is ok with me.

pangitkqb2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

A lot of bugs are not. Fallout: NV crashed on me last night...and I lost over 3 HOURS OF PROGRESS. That is not a bug. It's a freakin' pain in the ass. I did a lot of cool things that are now just completely lost. I can't get the time back and I can't replay exactly how i had before, therefore ruining the outcome I was excited to see.

It's one thing to have a bug. It's another to crash and cost me half of my game progress.

Gambit072859d ago

Dude, your playing Fallout, you should save more often, I do it about every 10 min., it's pretty quick.

pangitkqb2859d ago

I do save every 10 minutes... sometimes more often. Having played through Fallout 3 on two different formats, I know to save.

That's the glitch. It literally erased over 30 saves. That's not okay.

NecrumSlavery2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Never had to many issues with Fallout 3 until the DLC and a little here an there. It's sad that they are back when its nearly 2011. But Fallout is an endless game with so much to do. Hell FO3 had around 100-150 main/side quests and twice as many unmarked quests. ALl those little quests to complete. I'll put up with bugs than to play an RPG like FFXIII ever again.

On the quests: Are the unmarked sidequests actually tracked like Oblivion this time or are they still there scattered in the "notes" section or just from actual memory? I wish they would organize them more cuase there is so much crap to do. like keeping track of the Keeler Family or knowing about Andale. All those treasures are the reasons the Fallout world is so great. The Quest is grade A but all the little things are AAA+++!!!

Gambit072859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

@pogibaldy: Yea, if it corrupted your save files, that's not right.

@NecrumSlavery: Some are on the notes, some smaller stuff are memory, which really sucks. Yea, it does have to be better organized.

himdeel2859d ago

...because worrying more about save games MORE than enjoyment and actually playing is just a pain in the butt. Constant game crashes are painful and ruin any chances of me buying this game.

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MrMccormo2859d ago

Except that there are more than just "a few bugs".

Gamers like you are to blame for this. You roll over and say "welllll it's Fallout so me like!" instead of demanding quality.

Gambit072859d ago

Alright, you keep waiting for that perfect glitch-free Fallout then.

MidnytRain2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

No game is glitch free, but it's a developers job ensure a gamer's experience is not ruined because of software issues.

Gambit072859d ago

@MidnytRain: That's where you're wrong, they have a deadline, blame the publisher.

Philoctetes2859d ago

A few glitches are fine. RDR had its share, and they didn't stop it from being a great game.

But that's not what we're talking about here. F:NV suffers from choppy gameplay, random dropped framerates, and freezes/crashes. That's inexcusable.

GodsHand2859d ago

Had it freeze on me twice during the Sunny Smiles tutorial mission. I belive its due to the death cinamatic, that causes it for me, becuase that's how it froze both times after killing geckos.

tacosRcool2859d ago

Bugs help take away the experience of playing the game. I had (all too often) bugs in Fallout 3 that either made me load another save and completely abandon my current save because of a horrible glitch, freeze the game up so that I had to start what I was doing all over again, destroy my save, and so on. I hate glitches and Bethesda is a company who (even though it was developed by Obsidian) is not known to be a company to put out nice patches to make all those glitches go away.

phosphor1122859d ago

Devs realize they can release half assed games using SLIGHTLY modified game engines they used before with SLIGHTLY updated models and content and release them filled with bugs. It's bad for the industry and the consumer.

pixelsword2859d ago

A game chock-full of bugs and fans of the game want everyone to "let it go" but games like GT5, which isn't even out yet, is getting banged for glitches that may not even be in the final release.


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ministryx2859d ago

RDR2 all over again, but I never experienced any glitches as opposed to being stuck on the horse. But on FO:NV, I haven't seen any glitches still.

Dno2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

FFXIV buggy but completely playable everyone shits on it.
Fallout buggy but completely playable (not even a great under taking like an MMO) no one cares.
Im so glad i play games not reviews/sales

Edit: not saying fallout is a bad game in anyway.

Dread2859d ago

Lets be fair. the reviews of FFIV said the game had many other problems, not just bugs. It is not the same thing dude.

Dno2859d ago

Fallout is getting awesome reviews (rightfully so i assume i never played it but i can tell its great) and all the buggs like losing data (a pretty big bug) is ingnored.

Ive been in FFXIV since closed beta and i play every day still and its not bad at all and i think a 4/10 for that game is just insane.

All im saying is be fair to all games.

TheDeadMetalhead2859d ago

If it's even half as bad as Fallout 3 was, it never should've been released. Fallout 3 was the buggiest, most broken game I've ever played.

Philoctetes2859d ago

So far, I've found New Vegas actually to be WORSE than Fallout 3, which I didn't think was possible. I had a few freezes in FO3, but NV is already laggy as hell and I'm barely 3 hours in.

TABSF2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )


OK some of us have sunk $60/£40 others $50/£30 for a game that was released broken and you say SO WHAT!!!
That is like purchasing a car that has been hyped for months then breaks down on the first trip

Now I'm still waiting for the UK Steam release but from the other threads people are quite happy that they have paid $60/£40 for a broken game, well I expect better

Bringing the truth no matter how bad it hurts (Fallout 3 Three dog (: )

Here is PC footage (watch in HD), can't wait for Mods :)

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