Fallout: New Vegas Honors Frank Sinatra (Easter Egg)

StrengthGamer: "What better place to allude to the great Frankie than a game based on Sin City itself?"

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BlueTroll2890d ago

I LOVE those songs. Awesome.

LionheartAce2890d ago

I imagine the entire Rat Pack is represented throughout. I mean they did use Dean Martin's song for the first trailer.

chazjamie2890d ago

PLS STOP with this shit, i would like to discover peculiar easter eggs on my own.

A Cupcake for Gabe2890d ago

Agreed. Spoilers everywhere! I didn't even know the Snowglobe were collectables. I'm keeping everything fresh to me as I can, it makes wandering out in the new wasteland so much more enjoyable.

Tex1172890d ago

What is this guys definition of an Easter Egg?

Lipscomba2889d ago

Yay! Awesome! I love me some Frank Sinatra!!