360 Magazine: Why The 360 Shouldn’t Waste Its Time With 3D

360 Magazine: With Sony pushing 3D like there’s no tomorrow, is the 360 in danger of getting left behind? Not likely…

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units2893d ago

3D is more of gimmick than motion controls

pixelsword2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

...and you know how Microsoft and 360 fanboys hate motion controls. *cough, cough, kinect, cough*

maxcer2893d ago

doesn't interest me, a console is for games. if i need some exercise and fun i'll go play hockey like i have been for years.

Anton Chigurh2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

the Xbox360 owners love to shake their booties with kinect instead of watching 3D movies.

...and that's Cool

Dark-Cloud2893d ago


darthv722893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

but it isnt a requirement either. So many movies are being given the 3d treatment that it may kill itself. It is good entertainment value in moderation. When (and if) the technology can surpass the varying effects on each individual eye without the glasses and from all angles then I could see more and more use.

The glasses free 3d is a nice step towards that but still limited viewing issues (for now). Even with glasses there are viewing issues. Real 3D is a ways off but every few generations it makes its way back around and better than before.

Holography...thats the future of entertainment. Full encompassing and immersive.

As for the can do 3D just fine. Maybe not the same level as what is being hyped but it can do it. Not sure why sony is pushing so hard unless that is all they got left.

HolyOrangeCows2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

This magazine shows how delusional the 360 fanbase is. Websites like PlanetXbox360 and this one spend about half of their time doing damage control and downplaying the other systems.

The abused wife syndrome is strong with this fanbase.

AAACE52893d ago

I hope they don't bother with the 3d gaming yet! I'm still not sold on the idea yet. You have to go buy a 3d tv, then the stupid glasses, then the 3d games and movies...

Maybe when the 3d tv's come out that don't need the glasses hit, i'll be more interested! But until then, 3d doesn't exist to me beyond the 3ds.

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King-Leonidas2893d ago

''Why The 360 Shouldn’t Waste Its Time With 3D''
It's because it can't handle it properly anyway. So why bother,right?

BulletToothtony2893d ago

yep.. i mean just 2 years ago all the fanboys were saying that bluray is not needed now it's only "most" that still say that..

saying that there is no difference between regular dvds and blurays which = they don't own an HDTV

if they can't afford an HDTV they definitely can't afford an 3DTV which means all they gonna do is go and write articles on why 3D is "stupid" a gimmick and "not needed"

D4RkNIKON2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

You don't think 3D is the future of gaming? You think we shouldn't bother with it and keep gaming on 2D screens for ever? I am not jumping into the 3D era just yet either, I want to wait for a glasses less experience and I see that happening within a year or two. Gaming will not remain 2D for ever, don't be ignorant..

Christopher2893d ago

Regardless, design of games overall will remain 2D. The only element that will go 3D are visual enhancements and that's it. And, I do believe 2D will remain the primary form of video game development until a point where 3D has evolved into actual 3D images and not just the quick succession or interlacing of frames to fool your eyes into seeing 3D.

darthv722893d ago

holography. Full interactive and encompassing entertainment. We are quite a few years off but that is why it is called "the future".

tacosRcool2893d ago


Movies are going 3D more and more. So why the hell do games have to be stuck in 2D?

Boody-Bandit2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Hi Def DVD
Hard drive (standard)
Motion controls

It's funny how options and features are always down played by MS and their fanbase until it's implemented to their console. Oh then it's the best thing since slice bread or the invention of the microwave oven.

King-Leonidas2893d ago

You sir were brutally honest.

alb18992893d ago

they just said is not the right moment to invest in something that will take some years to earn public. If you ask me i'll do the same!

They will led sony build the hype then next gen when does glasses are less expensive that everybody can afford it then is good to go!

JokesOnYou2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

It goes both ways:

360 launch and entire 1st year deemed "meh" by sony and their fanboys, ps3 has a poor launch, ps3 fanboys cry about "doom and gloom" articles. ps3 fanboys are suddenly innocent victims, just retaliating, lol

rumble is so last gen, then yeah sony sells us a new improved controller with rumble after we already paid for a $600 console

hdmi is a neccessity for HD gaming, $600 console no hdmi cable

backwards compatibility so important, sony removes it along with other once so important things that came with the original and now its OK

achievements no big deal, now "OMG I love tropies"

multiple sku' s will only confuse consumers, now its OK

sony doesn't need to cut deals with 3rd party for DLC
but then when they do its great news, "devs love us".

don't care about netflix, now netflix is great

sales don't matter, except when ps3 slim did well

sony spends about 100mil just advertising in Euro alone when the new slim came out, its OK, micro advertise a whole new motion control device and its wrong(I agree 500m is excessive but some act as if they shouldnt advertise at all) but I guess they think Kevin Butler and all those move commercials are free.

360 owners don't play games, they play sales, yet every chart is filled with 360 games at the top of list.

we don't need motion controls, since controllers are best(both camps) but of course sony is innovating right?

-ahh but keep telling yourself cross game chat isn't a important part of online gaming until, well you know. lol the hypocrisy continues, [wink] @shadow, I see ya lil buddy


raztad2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )


This is not about fanboys and their comments. Most of your points is useless talk about what fanboys said, no about Sony policies/priorities regarding the PS3.

Let me address some of your worthy points:

- Rumble: Sony fvked this one initially. They eventually had to fix that crap.

- HDMI cable? come on.

- PS3 has two SKUs since day one.

- BC was removed for the sake of lower production costs. Nobody is happy with this, but as with OtherOS removal that is something newcomers have to live with. Early adopters can play on their 60GB.

-Motion controls: Yeah, Sony had no plans for Motion Controls (beyond sixaxis) and like most people in the industry thought the Wii was a fad. Cant blame them. Never heard Sony saying they are innovating. The one talking about innovation is MS, which is funny considering Kinects is only an improved EyeToy.

Your other stuff is not worth addressing sorry.

JokesOnYou2893d ago

So sonfanboys don't get any of this from sony and their policies, everything I said at some point was something sony themselves talked about, yet you say most of my points are useless talk about what fanboys said, well lets take a look at the points I made that you didn't acknowledge:

Did you most the tons of arrogant qoutes made by sony execs prior to the launch of ps3? Well here you go, proof not from sonyfanboys but sony themselves
-Do I really need to give you tons of other trash talking links from sony?

Sony gets annoyed that micro pays for 3rd party exclusive deals and says this: "We don't buy exclusivity"
-Then we see this:
"Sony has announced a bunch of exclusive tie-ups with third-party publishers to provide downloadable content, betas and limited editions only available to PlayStation 3 owners." -Eurogamer

When asked if he thought the next-generation console would out-sell the Xbox 360 and the Wii console, Kutaragi stated "We don't care."

-Then when ps3 slim sales were hot sony was all over the place talking sales.

-As for achievements no sony never were against them I only bring it up because obviously trophies are a direct "me too" consequence of 360's achievement succes which was downplayed heavily by ps3 fanboys.

-Everything I said has been touted on this site before, compared to the hate about 360 its all fair game to look at both sides.


raztad2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Well to be fair you dont have proof Sony is buying any exclusive DLC. Speculate is all we can do regarding this matter.

Regarding sales, Sony is the most interested in letting people know their console is selling well. Why wouldnt they?

Arrogant quotes. That is very 2005. Sony had totally won two gens in a row, they had reasons to be arrogant. Stop bringing that old stuff back. Your points are not stronger because of it.

The Maxx2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

@ raztad

So it's ok for you to bring up the last 2 gens Sony dominated, yet have a problem with JokesOnYou with bringing up what Sony has said this gen?

"Stop bringing that old stuff back."

- Ceems to me that JokesOnYou is talking about more current subjects than you are.

JokesOnYou2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

no proof, what do you need sonys hands on the cookie jar, read the link...oh wait devs like EA do "deals" with sony for free, despite 360's larger userbase, which especially loves shooters. lol

yeah, sony braggs when they are on top, "why wouldnt they?", the hypocrisy of it all is only becomes outrageous when micro does it.

lol, first you argue my points are only fanboy talk, I show you much of that "fanboy talk" is connected to sonys own BS attitude, then you say its old, which is it?, granted sony has done well to change, but at first you were acting as if sony never flip flopped or trash talked, which again brings to my original response to brutallyhonest, both companys have changed their thinking on some level this gen.

Actually, in most cases I think gamers should be pleased, ipods evolve, cell phones add functionality, all tech goes through changes as the market dictate but when micro improves its existing product its terrible because they should have had it day one. Bias eyes always see things one sided, mistakes have been made by both Truth is nothing added to the new 360s is needed, just there to add value.


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raztad2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

It is pretty lame all you get from the xbox camp is editorials about how HDMI/WIFI/BD are not needed. Now it is the turn for 3D.

Good luck with that. I'll be getting a 3DTV in the first chance, KZ3D and MS:A ought to be played as they are meant to in 3D. Not to mention Sony patented tech of FULL SCREEN local multiplayer. That if you believe MS propaganda will make players to feel "disconnected". LMAO

King-Leonidas2893d ago

Sony patented the tech of full screen local multiplayer? really? Like sega patented the arrow guiding system?

raztad2893d ago

NOPE. Sorry for the confusion, I'm talking about this:

Which was bashed by a MS representative in this article:


number472893d ago

Because the PS3 does it better.

spacetattoo2893d ago


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ZombieAssassin2893d ago

So basically I think they are doing the "wait and see" approach, they are gonna let Sony try and push it into our homes and then once it's in they will jump on...which isn't a bad thing it's actually smart.

gijsbrecht2893d ago

If every company would think like that, nothing new would come out.

JakeyBaby2893d ago

Yet Msoft like to do the 'wait and see, then if it takes off, act like it was our idea' more often than not.

I don't mind Sony pushing 3D, but I think they're maybe trying to pioneer the market. Like Sharp and the LCD. Invent it, and the consumers will look to you first.

I'd rather not look goofy. 2D is fine for me.

pixelsword2893d ago

Not really, yet totally true. Move and Kinect is nothing new, but they were taken aback when the Wii took the world by storm, and they jumped on, both claiming their "new" status while the Wii and the Sixaxis were already out.

ZombieAssassin2893d ago

I agree, that's why I'm glad we have companies like Sony who will try to push new tech into our homes and lives.

alb18992893d ago

that's why they went to the street with move right?
no, they did the same, they wait that wii push it in our homes and then jump in!

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mcstorm2893d ago

Im not going too be a fan of 3D tv or gaming as long as you have to put glasses on when they can do 3d on a tv with out glasses I might look at it but there must be around 0.5% of gamers who have a 3D tv as around half the gamers are kids and have 22" or below TV's in there room and you cant do 3d on these tvs so it is really pointless.

pixelsword2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

It's just as bad as putting on earpieces/mics to speak.

Boody-Bandit2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

for beating me to the punch.
I can't help but laugh at gamers that complain about the having to wear glasses to game but don't think about a headset to communicate online. Millions of people wear glasses daily whether it's to help them see or protect their eyes from sunlight. How many people do you see walking around with headsets on?

If you want 3D any time soon you are just going to have to adjust to those glasses. Glass(less) 3D is years off with a acceptable viewing cone (angle) for off axis viewing. Unless you want to start designing your living rooms out of row seating to view that glass(less) 3D display.

But 3D displays are so expensive. Uh no they're not. Most 3D displays are roughly the same price as non 3D display LED's. Top tier displays of course are more expensive but if you have the cash for a 4K display a few more hundred shouldn't matter to you. The only additional cost is if you need more than 2 pairs of glasses since most displays come with a set (2). I have already seen 3D displays at retail for -1k with a pair of glasses included.