Competitive multiplayer was discussed for Fable III

Fable III's Lead Designer Peter Molyneux has told GamerZines that he'd originally thought about including PvP (player vs. player) multiplayer in Fable III, but that the idea "had to fall by the wayside" due to time restraints.

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Eamon2855d ago

I really don't think it work so well. Co-op yes would be fantastic but competitive would be mindless button mashing and not really any skill to it.

mcstorm2855d ago

Ya I agree I dont think Fable is the type of game to have PvP cant wait for this game now only a week left.

PandaJenkins2855d ago

Competitive would be interesting to say the least but as long as co-op works well this time I will be happy.

2855d ago
Psychotica2855d ago

Good. We need more single player only games anyways...

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