This is the oldest Link you've ever seen...

"Paul Gale Network features artist Damien Canderle's 'Old Link'. Check out what happens when a talented modeler mixes Zelda with World of Warcraft."

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Quagmire2706d ago

HAHHAHAAhahahahah, a bearded dwarf- oops, i meant little people.

halojane92706d ago

Think Nintendo would ever go such a route?

Jackojwang2706d ago

After seeing what Capcom recently did to Dante I wouldn't be surprised ifthere was a scene in a game where Link was old or something but not for the whole main quest.....

gearsOFangela12706d ago

..but who knows? They did just chance Kirby and Link in Wind Waker was a shocker. Mario has been turnes into paper so maybe but nothing this drastic..?

allysaurus872706d ago

Yeah what a combination lol.

simmies2706d ago

Man that look badass!!

TonykomatMK2705d ago

Really badass! His face is the only thing I'd work on differently.

firithdil2704d ago

Pretty Awesome. He still looks tough and intimidating even when he's old.

draz12262705d ago

Dude that's sick! A Zelda game featuring Link like this would be so epic

KristinsEpicYarn2705d ago

I'd definitely be stoked if Ninty went outside of the box like that.

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