Holding Guns, Holding Hands: Sexuality In Videogames (

BeefJack: "Although we can happily sit through two dirty, ravening hobos hacking away at each-other with broken bottles and pieces of rusty tin, the issue of sexual orientation is still one we choose to skirt around. Two men holding guns, all well and good, but holding hands? We start to feel uneasy."

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chazjamie2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

i only felt uneasy during gow3, was so damn scared someone was going to walk in. and ask wtf is this. i needed the orbs, like they would understand. smh

back to the article, the protaganists sexual orientation never really mattered to me. as long as it make sense with the narrative, then why would it matter what the character is?

Quagmire2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )


On Topic: There was a really good article on N4G earlier where it stated games need to be more mature, instead of more adult. Really puts into perspective when you think about it. Yes fox-enraging alien lesbian sex is good and all, but it just seemed like some wierd immature fantasy, whereas a game like Heavy Rain carry a serious tone and use narrative and themes in the game very realistically and only when needed to reinforce said ideas.

PirosThe4th2772d ago

quagmire makes an great point...
Mature and adult themes are different....

You can't compare...

King-Leonidas2772d ago

Giggity giggity goo let's have sex.

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skyblue142132772d ago

fear effect 2: retro helix anyone?

hazelamy2771d ago

i think they're being a bit harsh on fable, in fable 2 there was a quest where that stuck in my mind, a farmer asks you to find a wife for his son so he can settle down and take over the farm as he can't keep up with it for much longer, he says you should talk to his son to find out what kind of women he would like, you do and though he never explicitly says so, you can tell he's actually gay, so you can go and give the note asking for a date to a woman, not tried that one, so don't know what would happen, or give it to a gay, or bi, man, then return to the farm and tell the farmer, in the end the farmer and his son discuss how he's gay and he doesn't want to take over the farm, so the farmer puts the farm up for sale and tells his son that he loves him and he just wants him to be happy.

the gay stereotypes are done for purely comic effect and not to insult i think.

kind of like in little britain, the comedy is based around stereotypes, but does that make matt lucas homophobic? i kind of doubt it seeing as he is actually gay.

one last thing, homosexuality is still considered wrong by many publishers, if not openly, until recently ms would ban you from live for being open about being gay, and on the forums right now the word gay is banned, but nazi is perfectly fine.

you have to ask what that says about ms.