Call of Duty Black Ops: Hardened Pro Perk revealed

GB: The much hyped and anticipated details about the Hardened Pro Perk of Call of Duty: Black Op has finally been revealed via this image.

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Karooo2746d ago

sweet, this game will sell a lot

xDaRkModEx2746d ago

Yea man, have you seen the pre ordered chart? Oh man

MGRogue20172746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

.. Expect this perk to be the most used.

cyborg2746d ago

all the guys who get it first will have an upper hand for sure

xAlmostPro2746d ago

@cyborg.. you unlock ALL perks at a certain level.. its down to you if you buy that perk 1st or not..

its hardly an advantage if people have it before you when they got to the desired level by earning kills etc :P

TekoIie2746d ago

Yeh all perks are unlocked at LVL4 if im correct. So you basically just buy the ones you want and there you go.

I will be using hardened since i have always had FMJ on my weapons (never found E-mags too usefull tbh) but this perk does make me wonder what Steady aim PRO will be since i assumed that the less flinch would suit steady aim.

xYLeinen2746d ago

What does flinch mean when being shot?

AltairJp32746d ago

I think that if you are shot your aim is not influenced so much.

Chromer2746d ago

If you got shot while you were firing on someone, the screen would start to shake and you had to aim better or die? That's the flinch they are talking about.

dkgshiz2746d ago

This entire franchise since COD4 has been catering to noobs to make them seem like they are pros in the FPS department. They might as well just make an auto aim perk where it instantly aims at your head. Just like the real auto aim hacks you see in nearly all PC FPS games.

Calm Down Sunshine2746d ago

I'm not sure that's needed, the hit boxes in MW2 are so warped that you could shoot the floor 3ft away from the enemies feet and it would register as a headshot.

vickers5002745d ago

Stop complaining so damn much. If you don't like it, then don't play it. It's as simple as that.

CoD was never meant to be a war simulator, it's meant to be fast paced action packed fun. It's not about how good you can aim, it's about how many kills you can rack up. And yes, you can become good (or pro as you call it) at racking up kills in a CoD game.

If you don't like the series anymore, then why are you commenting in the article?

Beahmscream2746d ago

Hmmm... this submission looks mighty close to this one