5 Worst: Final Fantasy Characters

Adam Smith from Coregamer: The Final Fantasy series is renowned for producing great Role Playing Games with amazing presentation, stunning CGI cut-scenes, intuitive battle systems and memorable characters that are so damn cool you wish you had thought of them first. As great as the series is, for every Cloud Strife there's a Quina Quen, who was so close to making the list. So close!

Here's five of the most frustrating, annoying, irritating and down-right weird Final Fantasy heroes to grace the series so far:

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hay2740d ago

I'm surprised why most cast of FF13 chars didn't make it here. I declare this list as BS. Every single of those chars(except Vanille) is better than most FF13 chars...

Mooshy_Muffin2740d ago

It's a bit of a cheap list if we just name all FF13 chars, mind you they did all suck for the most part but vanille was the worst by far...