PS3gen - Is Sony about to zone its games on PS3 ?

PS3gen writes : "Sony has introduced the possibility of zoning the games on the PS3. Still a novelty that will, once again, disappoint users."

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PirateThom2828d ago

This feature has always been available to the SDK... Stranglehold almost used it (due to Hard Boiled being on the disc) but they opted not to in the end.

ConanOBrien2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

the idea would prevent piracy being spread out

Eamon2826d ago

not really. Wii games have always been region-locked yet the backup loaders are able to play all regions.

NYC_Gamer2827d ago

what about gamers who import?this would be terrible

Eamon2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Hmm, according to the ps3news link, Sony included this option from firmware 3.30.
I initially thought this was implemented to make it a little harder for filesharers but as it seems, this is not the case.

I wonder why? Perhaps because some games are cheaper to import or so they can expand/keep a market in the specific territory.

Anyway, this isn't good news at all if true. I got Asian version of Call of Duty 4 from ebay because it was a lot cheaper. I also had to import Demon's Souls from the US a year ago because it wasn't released in the UK at the time with no planned release for UK. And it only came out here a couple of months ago.