Game Revolution: Sengoku BASARA Samurai Heroes Review

GR writes: "Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes is a blatant copycat of the Warriors franchise, and it doesn’t care. Of course, when it does the formula better, it doesn’t have to care. This isn’t to say that the “whack, whack, kill, kill” shlock is now suddenly primetime design, but that over-exaggerated Japanese sadistic warfare done right is just about as guilty as guilty pleasures get. So don’t feel embarrassed for secretly loving these kinds of senseless shenanigans. Just put on a yellow hoodie and start punching people in the name of peace."

+ Super arts
+ Cooperative multiplayer
+/- Super-ultra-crazy-ridiculous
+/- Predictable but fun action
- Oh, just shut up
- No online support

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