PS3 is No. 1 connected home console

New reports show the PS3 is the top connected device.

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BryanBegins2894d ago

Hey, who would have guessed that NOT waiting 5 year before including wifi and having a free online service would boost the number of people connected on your console...\s

ImpartialMan2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

i know couple friends who has xbox without gold sub.

and all the servers are the same as XBL, and its free..

not to mention hulu plus, better netflix and MLB tv channel that XBL dont have...

Cratos87802894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Here is the report file (PDF): http://www.millennialmedia....

Top 4 connected devices (from page 4):

1. iPod touch
2. iPad
3. PSP
4. PS3

Xbox and Wii/DS is not on the list.

toaster2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

DS/Wii isn't on the list because devs actually make proper DS/Wii games that aren't broken upon release and need patches within the first 24 hours.

kasasensei2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

"PS3 does have a lot more players"
Playing online? Hell no.
More online connected users playing OFFline and ONline, yeah sure. wifi+ethernet in the box + free access ftw.

Cratos87802894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

"DS/Wii isn't on the list because devs actually make proper DS/Wii games that aren't broken upon release and need patches within the first 24 hours."

They do have bugs. Nintendo's online is SO bad, that Nintendo asked gamers to snail-mail them an SD card if they want to recieve Metroid: Other M patch.

LoVeRSaMa2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

PSP is more connected than the PS3? O_o

Can you imagine if the PSP2 had 3G? ;D

Nicaragua2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Well the PSP does have 20 million more units in existence than the PS3 so its not that hard to get your head around.

T3MPL3TON 2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Stop lying you have no friends, ImpartialMan.

Godmars2902894d ago

It would mean something if they said where the 360 was in regards to that list.

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v1c1ous2894d ago

what exactly this article is about.

vhero2894d ago

I remember how much MS used to bang on about being the number 1 connected console after the ps3 had only been out 1 year.. They shut up after that.. Thats because people don't like paying for online gaming whichever way you spin it but the are forced to with xbox.

maxcer2894d ago

if you have both xbl/psn you will spend more time on one service guaranteed, its like night and day.

gamingdroid2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

PSN is nice, but Xbox Live almost always have more gamers in the lobby.

It's not about having an account or registered users, but active accounts that play on a regular basis and for that I don't think anyone can touch Xbox Live. If you pay, you play!

baker_boi2894d ago

Bullshit. There are games that came out people just don't play anymore.

Besides that, the only game I have on my shelf that hardly has people online any more is WKC(PS3). Other than that no matter which console you have, if the game is popular enough there's always some jerk in the lobby playin.

I got online with that Smackdown vs Raw on the PS2...guess the fuck what? There were 2 people online. I think that was last year sometime.

So you have a moot point. Paying for online service doesn't suddenly make more people appear, paying for online service means you have no other choice if you want to get on.

And, if PS3 users have two or three lists of 100 players on them, Somebody gotta be playin some games.

People with PS3s don't just get turn it on and leave it there to be tallied on a list you dumb ass. Else, the XBOX would have made this list, but apparently there are more people playing games online on the PS3.

MNicholas2894d ago

While it's true that more 360's have been transferred into customer hands at retail than PS3s, there are more 360s per user than any other console in history.

If you disect the data, it becomes clear that a significant number of 360's "sold" at retail are simply replacements from retailers like Best Buy through paid replacement plans.

Unlike replacements under the manufacturer's warranty, replacement via a replacement plan (such as that offered by Best Buy and others) is counted as a retail sale. This is because it comes out of store stock. Best Buy or other replacement plan vendors do not get reimbursed from Microsoft for these.

Having said that, this "study" is misleading. I'm willing to bet that 360 owners who can afford (or simply use their parent's credit cards) to pay the extra amount for it's online features do buy more new release games than PS3 or Wii owners and are more likely to actually play against each other online.

I'm also willing to bet that a reasonable number of PS3 owners are simply people who bought it for it's unmatched Blu-Ray playback and other internet features rather than gaming.

Christopher2894d ago

If only some of those people weren't just connected and actually used said connection for gaming on a regular basis.

tacosRcool2894d ago

Not paying to play online is the greatest thing on consoles since the PC had it

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imoutofthecontest2894d ago

I look forward to the console superiority flamewars that this thread will produce.

All_4_One2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Yeah, that makes sense. PSN is all access out of the box. No pay-to-play, no hidden fees, no "auto renewal" BS. Nope, it`s just simple, streamlined and free. It makes sense that PS3 owners are the most connected.

YourFlyness2894d ago

Actually so it the 360, you can still connect to Online withe Xbox Free(formally Silver) you just cant play online multiplayer with it.

D4RkNIKON2894d ago

sounds like it doesn't do you any good.

YourFlyness2894d ago

I got 10 disagrees, soooo am I wrong?

Hades13372894d ago

Some people can't handle facts it seems.

rrw2894d ago

de fact that it nearly useless to have xbox live without on-line multi player doesnt help

Nicaragua2894d ago

I think people can handle the fact,they are just disagreeing with promoting Xbox Silver as an online component when in reality its only function is to let Microsoft know you are online - and ban you if need be.

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Karooo2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

because all PS3s have wifi, 99% of 360s dont except new models.

Its not a big deal, if you have a router your ps3 is online thats it

aznfrankie2894d ago

The launch 20gb PS3's do not have wifi and are the only models to not have wifi.

Therefore, not all PS3's have wifi.

*The more you know!* =)

PirosThe4th2894d ago

those where phased out real fast! XD
People with the old 20gb probably already upgraded them XD

Calm Down Sunshine2894d ago

Thinking about it, this isn't really a surprise, I remember the day I got mine. I had Google on the screen within 5 minutes.

Very easy to get connected.

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