3D Glasses Not an Impediment to 3D Gaming Adoption, finds Study

The study found that 80% of gamers are actually willing to wear glasses to play video games and watch 3D Blu-ray movies. While interest in 3D climbs without the glasses, the difference isn't as big as some have made it seem.

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ImpartialMan2862d ago

and btw, stereoscopic 3D isnt the same.... because of the definition of "stereoscopic", they can market crappy 3D as "stereoscopic"

so if you are checking 3D out, makes sure you get the right movie/media

hay2862d ago

There can be dedicated or converted(bleh) stereoscopy, active or passive and in addition there's the quality factor.
The best stereoscopy for home system offers Sony with Bravias and PS3, but that's only my opinion. In cinemas, go for IMAX.

ImpartialMan2861d ago

has not really improved...

but shutter tech 3D (regular 3DTV now) looks better than cinema.

but what i am trying to say is that. technically, a lot of crappy 3D movies are stereoscopic.

what i was saying was that if you want to check out the REAL stereoscopic becareful which movies/games you are looking for.

btw, espn 3d is the real stereoscopic