My Gamer Talk - Medal of Honor Video Review, Give it a try.

mygamertalk- Medal of Honor is EA’s latest attempt at reviving the once fabled franchise. It’s also the first game in the franchise to be featured in the modern era. So is it just another shooter? Or does it blow the doors off it’s competition?

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DelbertGrady2803d ago

I hated the multiplayer at first, but once you get into it and understand that you can't just run around like a beheaded chicken without getting shot it's pretty good.

allyc4t2803d ago

Maybe I just played way too much BFBC2, but the multiplayer in MoH just didn't do enough for me. I love DICE too, can't wait to see what Battlefield 3 brings.

Der_Kommandant2802d ago

I thought the same at first, now i cant stop playing MoH MP

iistuii2802d ago

But it's still sniper city. Creep all you want but it'll be a sniper that gets you. Maps too small.

Shackdaddy8362802d ago

They are nerfing the snipers and adding recoil+spread for everything so its gonna get better in terms of that.

Ju2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

Well the sniper doesn't really play like a sniper. Well, not with the fast fire mode guns. But after a while I got used to that. Some levels are a bit hard against snipers. Especially if there is just one joke point. But some are all right. I like the game a lot.

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MGRogue20172802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

... The camping snipers are really convincing me to trade this game in.. but I really don't want to, I actually enjoy it. :(

Getting sniped in this game is like the equivalent of being slapped across the face.. Hard. I don't get sniped as much in Bad Company 2.. I guess the maps are too small or something.

I think what I'll do is trade it in & buy something else with it 'cause I have Bad Company 2 & that is pretty similar to what MoH offers so..

iistuii2802d ago

Same, however if you try the CTF or other types of game it's not as bad as people have to actually try to help instead of sitting at the back of the map. Keep off deathmatch, it's full of snipers.

allyc4t2802d ago

The Combat Mission was fun for a few hours, but with only having 3 playable Combat Mission maps, it got a little stale.

Deathcakes2802d ago

Not a bad review really, it hints at the guys personal preference which makes it relatable to people watching the review and at the same time being objective on the matters.

I was actually looking for a modern shooter just about when MoH was about to release, so I thought it might be a good option as I've come to think of the CoD series as multiplayer based with a short campaign. Turns out MoH is not much different. Ah well, I guess I'll just wait for my fix of Fallout NV and Killzone 3 to take care of my needs.

gamer81792802d ago

Take the game mode team assault from moh and add it to bad company 2. I would love that

AKS2802d ago

The CoD juggernaut we all know and LOVE? MoH's campaign is too short (how long was CoD's)? Sounds like a CoD sympathizer to me.