DQIX gets pushed back to 2008

Those of you who've been eagerly awaiting Square Enix's latest title on the DS will have to wait extra long, as the company has announced that Dragon Quest IX has been delayed until 2008. The reason for delaying the game? Square Enix apparently needs to improve the quality of the game, but DSFanboy is going on machine translation, so it isn't the best.

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Anything but Cute4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

Lets go PSP...!! hahaha, handheld wars aren't much of a war.

djt234075d ago

nonononononono nonono
damm i have to wait until 2008 dam

tplarkin74075d ago

SquareEnix always takes their sweet time on new games. They are more than willing to pump out rehashes, though. I wonder how FFXIII is going?

I feel sorry for the poor guys that have to make an epic game for a handheld, though. I guess Japan is satisfied with old technology.

ItsDubC4074d ago

Or maybe you're spoiled by "new" technology.

Over 45 million ppl own a DS, which trounces the install base of any new home console right now.