October EGM Scores: Heavenly Sword & Warhawk Impress

In what's becoming an ever more increasing sight, the potent differences between scores of highly anticipated games on the PlayStation 3, Massive Attack from Neogaf has posted scores that he claims are from the October issue of EGM in where Bioshock, Heavenly Sword and Warhawk are amongst the titles reviewed.

Bioshock 10, 10, 10 gotm
Heavenly Sword 8, 8, 9
Warhawk 8.5, 7, 8.5

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ktchong4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

which gets:

10, 10, 10 = that's a sweep!

EGM's "Game of the Month."

ktchong4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

now everyone is praising EGM, the same magazine that they accused of being biased and having been bribed by Microsoft when it gave Lair a 6.

sonarus4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

If it was bioshocks first 10 then that would be interesting but it has basically gotten 10's everywhere so its no suprise here. Plus bioshock reviews are old and there are tons of them anyway.

Whats even more interesting is no one on here is praising EGM and your jst showing your fanboy side by trying to rain on warhawk and heavenly swords parade.

ALI-G4132d ago

HS =8.3
WH =8

PS3 games still will strugle to get the barrier of averge above 86% except resistance.anyway evey ps fangril now saying woooooooow but isnot this the same magazine u accused of been SONY hater

Panthers4132d ago

Well because we all know that Bioshock is amazing, but people are on the fence about the PS3 games. Good scores though.

Mk Red4132d ago



The same way Lair and Warhawk got such low scores right??

Nobody scores a game anymore based on THE GAME! You score a game depending on how much you get paid to score it. Simple

hazeblaze4132d ago

It's impressive coming from EGM... means the titles are probably even better than expected.

But what's even more surprising is the way that Mart stays conspicuously absent from any posts that have ANY good news to report for PS3 games :-)

Gamespot-equals-EGM4132d ago

I am also impressed EGM gave HS and Warhawk pretty good scores (not to mention Bioshock). Hopefully they'll continue to give ps3 titles the benefit of the doubt rather than being unreasonably critical (as I think was the case with the Lair review).

Thanks EGM for being fair with these reviews.

HarryEtTubMan4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

All I can say is the honest truth... and it is that I have Bioshock and I REALLY REALLY REALLY think this game is UBER overratted...wheres the oblivion-esque sandbox they were going to implement. It's a very linear almost depressing and can I say it...BORING! I don't have a ps3 yet, I'm trying to be content with 360 games but like bioshock they just don't perform..most overrated game I've ever played in my life. Where's they replay value... OOO wait there is none at all! So. should I play through it again just to see a different ending, when the entire game is exactly the same?!!? (I can hear people saying " well, go and unlock more blah or find new plasmids and tonics") F&ck that. This [email protected] sucks. Period. I wasted 60 dollars on 3 days of gaming.... I want a PS3!

Edit: This is a game with no replay value... I'v seen the HS demo on a friends system and lair trailers on PS3... I feel both of these games show a TRUE example of next-gen gameplay.. not just another unreal 3 engine game with a spooky (oooo I'm soo scared)*gimmick*. I serious dissapointment

Ugly American4131d ago

Most of the world disagrees with you (including me) and thinks you are a moron. If you can't appreciate how awesome Bioshock, you do not deserve to even be in the same room with it. Please take it back, get raped by the GameStop trade in deal, and let somebody else enjoy the game.


HarryEtTubMan4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

Bioshock is just not that great... sorry it's probally thrilling to u because ur 15... its called hype and the game has WAY too much.. If all u expect from a game is a 3 day gloomy adventure,with no multiplayer or replay value, go for it cool guy! As for me it [email protected] sucks and I cannot beelieve it got scores higher than gears... I HAVE A BRAIN AND CAN THINK FOR MYSELF lol Bioshock is overrated and not worth 60 dollars!

U dont hear what U WANT so u rely on childish name-calling... I don't give a sh!t I'M DISSAPOINTED WITH 360 AS A WHOLE... I'm sick of the same unreal engine melancholy shooters...try somthing different, this is getting depressing!!

rccola1594131d ago

You only think it is bad because of all the hype. But IIRC didn't all the PS3 owners get excited with that one line of code in the config mentioning the ps3? seems like a little remorse to me.

UnasFortuna4131d ago

Personally, I don't pay much attention to gamer site/magazine reviews for most do appear biased. Just to prove my point, I don't understand how Bioshock could have gotten a "10" straight across. Granted the graphics are very good; but, the storyline is full of holes, the bosses are unforgiveably easy to defeat, and ending made you want to throw your controller through the TV. At least it was easy gamerscore points. On the other hand, I am looking forward to Lair and especially Warhawk. I think that Lair will get old fast, but it still looks like a decent game. Was it EGM that gave the bad reviews...? I thought it was Mr. Nelson in PSM that downed the two titles...

Ugly American4130d ago

And you know who I am talking to...

People who start throwing ages out are usually two to three years older than the age they throw out(i.e. Stupid little kids, probably 11... that person is typically 14). I am a 31 year old helicopter pilot in the U.S. Navy. So take your little age and shove it up your a$$. I have a nice job that allows me to have 3 Xbox 360's, 2 PS3's, and a Wii, along with three HD televisions to play in HD on all of them(sorry taxpayers, I am a gamer).

I have played games all of my life. Bioshock is awesome. I play it for about two hours at a time, and after about an hour, I have to come back and play some more. The game IS awesome. And the game IS fun. Of course, that is my opinion. I can think your opinion is a piece of $hit, and that is okay. And in this case, I think you AND your opinion are little pieces of poo. So pack sand, and sod off.

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Anything but Cute4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

Then I guess PS3 fans can rest easy. The games are solid even to meet EGM standards.

Heavenly Sword 8, 8, 9... that's it. It passed the EGM test.

mohib4132d ago

BIOSHOCK ,WARHAWK and HS would have got the exact same scores.

Bioshock is a very slow paced and boring FPS without online.
The graphics are also bad

EDGE gave WOWHAWK and BIOSHOCK the same scores.

However WOWHAWK is waaayy better than Bioshock

spikormikor134131d ago

... But Wowhawk? That's brilliant.

sonarus4132d ago

warhawk a 7. wat kinda fake sh1t is that. I bet thats because it was 10 bucks more than expected. At least they are pricing 1/3 of the full game unlike shadowrun.

xaphanze4132d ago

so I guess the IGN guy and that Edge really suck after all,I guess they both have hatred for sony.

sonarus4132d ago

the reviewer may have had hatred for sony but he did raise some very valid points. Anyone who demerits this game for over the top cinematics is jst stupid to me because thats a big part of heavenly sword. However the points he made about puzzle solving being basically the same deserves a demerit and also the fact that there are basically like 5 different types of badguys thruout the game is really silly to me and definetly kills the lasting appeal to me. Everythin else is good though. I dont think it deserves a 7 because it still shines in a lot of other areas but it dosent deserve more than a 9 either

mohib4132d ago

EDGE is the best reviewer

BIOSHOCK is not a GOTY material .
That is why it got an 8 from EDGE

EGM and other trash magazines have no credibility

EDGE praised HS but said that it lost points because it "couldnt beat GOW /become the genre defining game"

EGM sucks balls as always.

WARHAWK is wayyy more fun than BIOSHOCK

There is now way Bioshock gets a 10 from any websites cus it has bad graphics and no multiplayer/online.
IT is also one of the slowest and most boring FPS in history

resistance1004132d ago

A 6/10 in Edge is a very decent score.

Edge are tough in a way but that can be seen as a good thing as you really can see what the top top games are.