Evil Avatar: NHL 11 Review

Evil Avatar: "NHL’11 is a complete experience with a load of new ways to play added when compared to last year’s game. Any sports fan should not pass this up unless you purchased it used at GameStop. If you have done that, return it and buy it new because you will have ended up paying more for it used than new if you plan on using the EA Pass for multiplayer and roster updates.

The Good

* Real Time Physics revamp, stick breaks, faceoff controls, quick dekes, collision animation variety.
and OHL licenses.
* The Final Countdown.
* You can finally choose “Arthur” as the name you are referred to by the announcers.

The Bad

* First time in startup takes way too long to get to the action.
* Bench/Penalty Box cam, Pukeworthy cam that follows your every turn

The Ugly

* Strike It Up by Blackbox, button cue’s missing on some menus, play pass code for online
multiplayer and roster updates.

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