GameFocus: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Review

GameFocus writes: "If anything, Lords of Shadow is a retelling of the best we’ve seen in action games for the past few years, never mind the Castlevania series. The developers at MercurySteam chose to work in the well defined territory of large-scale bosses who require quick-time events to topple, though they still worked hard. Above all the flaws, Lords of Shadow strives to create a straightforward and rewarding action romp. MercurySteams’ hard work is duly noted. They even went through the trouble of bringing us Jean-Luc Picard."


+ Strong action gameplay and epic boss fights.
+ Easy-to-use controls.
+ Trial system for hardcore players to test themselves on levels already conquered


- Repetitive levels featuring similar tasks.
- A story no one will care about.
- Could have used more combat upgrades considering the length of the game.

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