id: RAGE would've been rushed 'if we weren't part of the Zenimax family'

Joystiq: "The acquisition of id Software by Zenimax Media brought with it a slew of strong brands, but perhaps the most important is its 2011 game, RAGE. During an interview with, id Software creative director Tim Willits brought up how important the game is to the developer internally: 'There is a lot riding on it, we need to make sure it's great. Don't f**k it up!'"

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NYC_Gamer2615d ago

i hope its not full of bugs/glitches...

ImpartialMan2615d ago

cause we never seen Rage running on console...

they hooked up Xbox controller to PC at E3.

but they said, they put it on xbox setting, but that sounds like marketing bs as usual

kaveti66162615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

I'm pretty sure they were running it on a 360. The guy in the Gamespot interview pointed that out during the demo. He showed the 360 running the game.

Edit: Hey, just for clarification, what was your previous account? According to your profile you've only been here 6 days, but nobody believes that.

ImpartialMan2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

cause i told you something you dont want to hear?? sry to pop your fanboy bubble.

it is running on PC. i asked my friend who was at E3. Also, the dev said it was on PC but "running on Xbox 360 setting"

either way, i remember same thing happening with Halo Reach...
xbox fanboys were bragging it looks so much better than PS3 exclusives and then the beta came out.

kaveti66162615d ago

fanboy? really?

what was your previous account? tell us.

Fred-G-Sanford2615d ago

My money says that ImpartialMan is Saaking.

The constant Sony worship and severe signs of hurtbutt in every positive 360 article is classic Saaking.

Is that you, old chap? :D

vsr2615d ago

PS3 owners should give this a try.

hoops2615d ago

There are tons of artiles showing Rage running on consoles. Xbox360 for sure. But carry on saying otherwise as BS marketing when the truth is straight in your face

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ElementX2615d ago

BS. Why would id rush their own game, but won't now that they're part of a larger corporation? Sounds like ass kissing to me, I don't remember id rushing anything out.

RememberThe3572615d ago

He might be talking about if they were apart of a different company. Even if they were independent they might have mad to force the game for financial reasons.

lastdual2615d ago

Or he was simply talking about their financial situation as an independent studio.

iD has not been raking in cash the last few years. They were forced to farm out many of their major IPs like Quake and Wolfenstein due to lack of resources. Only their new mobile games were really bringing in decent profits. In that type of situation, it's not unusual for a studio's future to ride on the success of "that next game", pressuring the devs to get it out the door before the money runs out.

Being part of not just a bigger corporation, but a bigger corporation that has a long-term view could be a godsend. Extra funding + lenient deadlines = iD being able to add that extra layer of polish to Rage.

Pandamobile2615d ago

Well, they seemed to have developed a close relationship with Zenimax. Just imagine if Activision was publishing RAGE how much they would have rush id along to get it out the door.

We probably would have had the game two years ago, but it wouldn't have been nearly as pretty, or polished.

Apotheosize2615d ago

I think theyre talking about other shooters coming out soon..

WoshJills2615d ago

They don't have to rush Rage because Fallout: New Vegas is coming out this year for revenue so they can still get paid. If they weren't part of a large corporation then they'd have to pay bills -- therefore rush the project.

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RememberThe3572615d ago

Rage looks like a massive game and only 60 people are working on it.

Cyrus3652615d ago

Maybe it's a snide comment with regards to their EA Publishing deal? For this game?

SilverSlug2615d ago

Why can't ZeniMax Media pay to iron out bugs in Oblivion, Fallout 3 and the new Fallout New Vegas? You know, since they are the publisher?

RememberThe3572615d ago

Because they got to finance the RAGE delay :)

Xi2615d ago

Probably because they're using one of the worst middleware products known to man.

gamebryo = ass to use.

lightningsax2615d ago

Well, if rumors are any indication, they'll be running idTech 5 (the Rage engine) for their next Elder Scrolls. Hopefully that's both true and pays off!

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