Review: Valkyria Chronicles II (Sega Nerds)

Despite not selling anywhere near as well it should have, the original Valkyria Chronicles (VC) on the PS3 is hailed as being one of the console’s best titles; especially among SEGA fans. So the move of Valkyria Chronicles II (VC2) to the PSP was a tad controversial. Such an epic start to a game franchise couldn’t possibly translate to a handheld device, could it?

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domo3252891d ago

Great review, it was an interesting read. Definitely got me interested in the VC series. Seems like it's worth buying a PSP for.

eggbert2891d ago

first is PS3 exclusive, second is PSP exclusive.

Third one is also in development exclusively for the PSP ATM.

bastiartadi2891d ago

Sad that it went to the psp. Although a great game, I felt it was restricted by the psp platform.

poison_shadow2891d ago

I've always meant to try the first... but seriously, the sequel is only on PSP? That sucks! Why would they do that?

chickenbutt2891d ago

Sucks that it's on PSP, but good to hear it's still great.