Gears of War Hidden Fronts Map Pack free September 3rd

In another week, you'll be able to download the Hidden Fronts map pack for Gears of War on the Xbox 360 for free. That's right, free. Previously costing 800 MS Points, the new free pack consists of four maps.

These maps are needed for the extra 250 achievement points in the game. So now you don't have to pay for that extra gamerscore...

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ALI-G3862d ago

u got to love xboxlive

Excalibur3862d ago

The extra levels, then I'll be happy.

drunkpandas3862d ago

A lot of people have been waiting for these maps and didn't want to have to pay to get 250 more gamerscore points. Glad they're finally going to be free.

zonetrooper53862d ago

Yeh I can't wait either so people approve this, gonna be playing some more Gears of War once these maps become free.

drunkpandas3862d ago

I think a lot of people will be playing more Gears. It'll be easier to find games online now that everyone will have access to all the maps.

Logi3862d ago

But not in Germany, thank's USK.

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