The many mysteries of the Mario series

For 25 years, people have been enjoying their Goomba-stomping, Fire Flower-filled days thanks to Super Mario Bros. People may know the Mushroom Kingdom like the back of their hand, but there are still some secrets to be discovered after all these years.

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xxmob2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

"L is Real 2401" appeared in both ocarina of time and mario 64, I wonder what it means.

I've been looking in to it and theres a lot of theories but there has been no real evidence supporting the theories.

the one I found the closest to believable would be, February (2) (4)th, 2001 (01) (Paper Mario release) and it has Luigi(L) in it.

the other one is its just meant to be blurry and for detail.

some people also think it says eternal star.
cheek pic,

poison_shadow2897d ago

Wow. I've played some of these games quite a bit, and NEVER knew about any of them. Pretty cool!