Brand new The Last Story trailer

Nintendo has finally released a new trailer for Mistwalker's upcoming RPG, The Last Story, since July.

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tunaks12774d ago

that was amazing.

Shoko2774d ago

Beautiful game. Last Story, Skyward Sword, Pikmin 3, and Conduit 2 confirmed for 2011. Hopefully they bring XenoBlade out here.

tunaks12774d ago

has TLS been confirmed for a NA/EU release?

Valay2774d ago

Not officially. It shows up on Nintendo's financial reports, etc. but no representatives from the U.S./Europe have said much about it.

Mahr2774d ago

"has TLS been confirmed for a NA/EU release?"

No. Also unconfirmed: Dragon Quest X, the new Fatal Frame game, Tales of Graces (though the fan translation is supposed to be coming along nicely), Xenoblade, Zangeki no Reginleiv, Rhythm Heaven Wii, Captain Rainbow, and the old standbys that at least one region missed out on, Disaster: Day of Crisis, Another Code R, and Excitebots.

tunaks12774d ago

hopefully this reaches us and we don't have to wait for a fan translation.

na-no-nai2774d ago

come on noa dont disappoint us

RedPawn2774d ago

I'll Bitch Slap Iwata if they don't release this outta of NOJ.

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The story is too old to be commented.