Complete, direct-feed Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney debut trailer

Level-5 released the complete debut trailer (3 minutes, first clip was only 30 seconds of off-screen footage) for Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney.

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FlyWestbrook2614d ago

Didn't Level 5 lie about this and say they werent making an Ace Attorney game or something?

MachinaMaw2614d ago

No man, this is the real deal and I want it like now.

Vegeta90002613d ago

Level 5 sucks this gen. I have a feeling they will end up merging with someone soon and their games will get even worse (if that's even possible now).

wwm0nkey2613d ago

What the hell are you talking about? Level-5 is one of the few good Japanese developers left. I consider them the new Squaresoft.

Quagmire2613d ago

Capcom, after all the weird, ridiculous and downright disappointing decisions you have made this gen, bringing this outside of Japan will be a redemption unlike no other. Well, that and a new Dino Crisis game :D