Blu-ray Loses

ECT Author Rob Enderle Reports:

I was one of the folks who thought that Blu-ray was going to eliminate HD-DVD and by this time HD-DVD would be toast. In fact, I was one of the analysts who helped convince Time Warner to hedge its bets and go with both formats. However, this was all before I knew the cost of the Blu-ray technology, and it was based on the assumption that Sony would never be stupid enough to price itself out of the game console market.

This week, we'll look at why DreamWorks and Paramount backed HD-DVD, effectively assuring that Blu-ray will lose whether HD-DVD wins or not -- and it may still not win either.

PlayStation3 Impact
Not only was Blu-ray too expensive, the technology wasn't as far along as Sony led us to believe. The delays not only make the PS3 too expensive; they made it late. That was effectively a one-two punch, knocking Sony out of the lead so far in the game console business. Now, Sony is dead last by a significant margin.

So instead of the PS3 ensuring Blu-ray's success, right now it appears that Blu-ray may have effectively killed the PS3, at least in terms of market leadership. We'll have to wait until the PS4 before Sony has a chance to come back.

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drtysouf214103d ago

Before anyone flames me for posting this i just want to say i don't agree with anything in this article but as a contributer people think i unfairly post only positive PS3 news and negative 360 news. I saw this article and decided to post it even though i completly disagree with it.

drtysouf214103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

goes to show you can't be neutral on this site. Someone will always not like you or disagree with you no matter what. PS3 and 360 fans don't like me! LOL should i start posting Wii, PS2, PSP and DS news only? LOL Look guys i'm just trying to be fair. PS3 is still my favorite and I still think it will win eventually and nothing anyone says will ever change that. In fact all this negative news will just make it look that much better if it comes out on top. But they are all great consoles and this is just my opinion.

Daewoodrow4103d ago

I was one of those people who thought you were a biased newsposter. But posting an article you don't agree with shows integrity, and for that i'll give you a bubble.

ktchong4103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

Sure, and you made sure to announce to everyone how big of a man you are by posting this one. Puhlease.

You're still a Sony fanboy in my book, and your PR stunt does not fool me.

By the way, you checked off my report as "fixed" without actually fixing it. Now that's just wrong.

drtysouf214103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

You must have forgotten you are on ignore so i can't see what your saying so if this is a reply to me here is a link to remind you why you are ignored.

Remember you were talking sh!t and i showed how you were a hypocrite if you've forgotten read our whole conversation at the link provided.

@ calphoenix

Do you think i care if you or others think i'm a Sony Fanboy. No don't give a damn. LOL there are much more important things in life then worrying about what people on an online website think of me. Call me what you want the fact doesn't change that i still own all 3 systems play all 3 (except for the wii that much) and for those of you that can't read i've said it many times before.


so even if i'm a sony fanboy atleast i can still post this news. You guys going around call people fanboys are wasting your time because it doesn't mean or change anyting. The point of my comment was to merely show that i can still post negative news about the PS3 or Sony regardless of what people think. So i don't need to try to do anyting i am what i am!

Like a shadow I am4103d ago

The only reason you submitted this is to PRETEND that you're not a Sony fanboy. You'd have to try harder.

tplarkin74103d ago

Nobody knows who will win this war. The article thinks it has gone on too long. I think it's too early to call a winner. The article points out that the PS3 isn't selling very well (which is true), and that HD-DVD is cheaper to manufacture.

Blu-Ray has Blockbuster exclusively which I believe is important.

A final note is that HDTV is still new, so the market for HD-DVD/Blu-Ray is not for the masses, yet.

B3YOND4103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

The whole "oh, I posted this news just to show y'all that I'm not biased" seems pretty hypocritical to me.

Do you think we are a bunch of kindergardens? We're smarter than that.

Just post it, and you didn't have to say anything. You didn't have to be so anxious to proclaim that you posted this to prove that you're not biased -- because that whole pretense seems hypocritical to anyone who's wiser. Let people judge you by your *consistent* behavior and pattern, not your own proclamation.

fredy4103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

it's sad that you have to announce your, posting a "Negative PS3 Article" just to cover your arse

so what..your RATIO of positive Sony articles to negative 360 ones
is a mere 10:1

Hey I'm not hating, bring on the news but stop trying to cover your arse...who you trying to fool 360 Gamers?..

Mars Attacker4103d ago

I agree with everything in this article. The PS3 should have come out a year sooner and without Blu-ray at $299. BR is the reason the PS3 is in last place.

I was an early adopter of both DVD Audio and SACD's a few years ago. I watched to see which format would win and knock regular CDs into the land of 8-track tapes. They both lost.

All it would take is for some slickly packaged "iDVD" or something to come along next year and both HD DVD and Blu-ray would be toast overnight.

drtysouf214103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

Like i said above call me a Sony Fanboy i don't care i am what i am. I'll still post positive and negative news not caring what you think of me. Watch the video for my response.

risk4103d ago

gasp...who wouldve thought anybody that doesnt agree with an article you post, DOESNT HAVE TO READ THEM AT ALL!! OMG!!! what a conecpt we've never heard of.

GuCCi5124103d ago

dont worrie about these ppl like u said and sooner or later they will be playin beyond

BLUR1114103d ago

hd is hd sure blu ray technoligy is bit better than hd dvd , idk who cares , i must say i think its dumb that gamers care what there movies look like on the console then the games itself.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4103d ago

just shows you want the heat off of you and that you want to keep your bubbles. When I look at your past post I can see pro PS3 because that 95% of the news you post.

PS, I am not one of the ones who hit dissagree allthough I do and think you are a liar.

The KEN KUTARAGI4103d ago

This is the equivalent of plugging your fingers into your ears and yelling "LA LA LA LA.. I CAAN'T HEAR YOU.. LA LA LA"

LOL- ridiculous

drtysouf21 - 59 Minutes ago

Ignore2.4 - @ The round Peg
You must have forgotten you are on ignore so i can't see what your saying so if this is a reply to me here is a link to remind you why you are ignored.

JOLLY14103d ago

to news for videophiles. Man, you all are weak sauce.

tonsoffun4103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

Well, well, both of us have had our disagreements in the past about your posting habits, but buy posting this article shows that you may not be as biased as I once thought.

KUDOS and rep your way for this one.

I am one of your biggest doubters, but if you start post unbiased news stories, then I will happily take back everything I have said about you, but you still have a long way to go before you show to all your critics here that you are unbiased in your news reporting.

SlappyMcTaint4103d ago

Phuck the author of this article -he's just a whining little b!tch who thinks he can tell the future.

Phuck Paramount for screwing over their customers and being greedy (moreso than normal -I know all companies are greedy)

Phuck Dreamworks for the above reason.

Coming out of nowhere and completely ditching the format that was outselling the lesser format by more than 2 to 1 is anti-consumer in every way. So again, I say phuck-em!!

Skynetone4103d ago

what hd-dvd need to do is to get there player in the xbox 3

but this is a long way away and im sure over the next four years sony will have them crushed before that happens

i expected massive price cuts on the ps3 to make sure hd-dvd never gets off the ground

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carlman234103d ago

He raises a lot of very valid points (I'm more of the opinion that both formats will lose) but I don't think one could call blu-ray 'dead'. The point I like from his analysis is the fact that neither of the formats is really selling. Yeah, BR may be beating HD-DVD by a margin of 2-1, but both are ridiculously small potatoes in the movie scene. They've gotta gain traction or they'll both end up the next laser disc.

boi4103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

can't predict it...its just too different this time around... I think this will go on for a long time which to the consumer isn't really good

Ju4103d ago

there will be a HD standard same like B&W TV made the move to color. And then, the format ain't be DVD no more. So...what's it gonna be ? I am pretty sure it won't be laser disk (or maybe it will be a laser disk, a blue laser or not).

IMO, one of the format could have put a DVD on the other side of the disk (I think HD-DVD does that now), which effectively would allow you to play movies in std DVD players as well.

THE_JUDGE4103d ago

the ps3 isn't even one freaking year old. He's calling a mile race that hasn't even completed one lap. I'm tired of stupid analysts who start talking about the future like its happened. Ridiculous.

Master of Menace4103d ago

In Australia Blu-ray movies are selling at the rate of 1500 per week, where HD-DVD is selling only 200 per week. There are more stand alone HD-DVD units than Blu-ray units. So the PS3 has to be pushing the sales, there can be no other explanation. Yet Toshiba simply refuses to believe this. They still want to believe PS3 owners only buy games. They are living in fantasy land. And the PS3 is actually selling better than the PS2 did in its first year of launch. So I really can't understand why people keep saying it's "not selling", or "it's dead". The PS3 is down in price, great AAA titles are nearly here, and it's taking market share away from an already crippled 360. It really can't lose.