Xbox 360 Dominating UK charts

Xbox 360 is the format with the highest amount of British game sales for September. Microsoft's console was responsible for 48.7 per cent of all games sold in the UK last month, according to figures from GfK Chart-Track.

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earbus2708d ago

Go ms go lol it is a more social fun experience when i play ps3 it seems so solitary.

Kewl_Kat2708d ago

That's 'cause I assume you and your friends play more on the 360. Me and my friends play on the ps3, and it would feel empty if I play on a 360.

-Alpha2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

I've been invited to many Party chats and I do find that LIVE players are more social-oriented. But my best group of friends are all on the PS3 and I've ironically been more of a social guy on my PS3. My only issue is sending messages is time-consuming and takes away from a gaming experience. I like Cross Chat as it is easily more convenient.

vsr2708d ago

PS3 is dominating Germany charts

XANDEO2708d ago

Wrong, the UK is the EU's No.1 territory

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Anon19742708d ago

Not really much substance here for those looking for the state of console sales in the UK. Halo Reach sold well, that's not surprising. Medal of Honor also sold well on the 360, that's also not surprising. What I found interesting was the 360 spokesman (interesting how he's the only one this article bothered to quote) touting September as an awesome month due to Halo, Fifa, F1 and Dead Rising.

Everyone expected Halo to sell well - Dead Rising 2 was a 360 game now ported to the PS3 and all indications are that they're selling almost equally - but really? Do you really want to draw attention to Fifa and F1? Maybe it's different in the UK, and correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't FIFA and F1 generally sell about 30% more on the PS3 overall? Even if they're selling a bit better in the UK - still, do you want to really draw attention to games where you're badly outsold worldwide by a console with (allegedly) a smaller install base?

Personally, I'd be a little more careful with my PR spin. Stick to Halo and Medal of Honor. You know you're a hit with shooter fans - in my opinion it'd be best to stick with milking that for your PR speeches. At least you can back that up.

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