MTV Games confirms Rock Band delay

MTV Games, Harmonix and EA have put and end to widespread speculation by confirming that the European rollout of 'Rock Band' has been pushed back into early 2008.

The news came along with the surprise announcement that there will also be a version of the game released for the PS2...

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ALI-G3679d ago

or becuse of the PORT-STATION-3 version ?

alexander22rednaxela3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Christmas 2007 all to Guitar Hero 3, no competition?
Music fans waiting to jam with their friends in rock band, will have to wait then.

Anything but Cute3679d ago

I'm into video games, playing cherokee with plastic instruments has nothing to do with video games.

Kholinar3679d ago

wow... such a narrow definition.

Does playing with pretend, onscreen guns qualify then?

It's all plastic, really.

Mikelarry3679d ago

Nooooo what shall we ever do rockband been delayed

CRIMS0N_W0LF3679d ago

Everything about MTV is bullcrap. Nuff said.

Also with money of these games with plastic guitars you can buy a real guitar and some guitar lessons

sa_nick3679d ago

Where the hell can u buy a drum set and find a bunch of lessons for under $150?