VGrevolution: Vanquish Review

The brains behind Resident Evil is back and this time heading to the near space future with Vanquish. VGrevolution takes a look at this eye-poping action packed 3rd person shooter.

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AKissFromDaddy2892d ago

I just beat Vanquish and it deserves this score.

VileAndVicious2892d ago

Im still going to purchase it but how long did it take you to complete it?

AKissFromDaddy2892d ago

It took me 10 hours on normal but the game says 5 hours and 37 mins because it doesn't record the time that I use when I restart at a checkpoint from dying or when I choose to restart a level. You would choose to restart a level if you died too many time b/c you lose 1000 points on your final score every time you die and choose to start at a checkpoint, and not restart the level.

I died 6 times on one level and kept starting back on a check point and lost 6000 points on my final score and I only earned 14000 points, lol. I died 27 times in total. This game is long and fun and I started on normal when there are 4 difficulties present: Easy, Casual, Normal and Hard.

After you beat the game you unlock "God Hard", and that probably takes weeks to beat. I wish Game Informer didn't do a "speed run" on easy, recorded their own time spent playing Vanquish and not reported the in-game clock.

This game is definitely a GOTY nomination and you'll enjoy the ending.