The Terror of Freedom - Why do Some Gamers Think too Much Freedom Can be a Bad Thing

The best thing about Fallout is getting lost. It may be portrayed as a desolate wasteland but the game's massive environment is filled with enough secret stashes, weird characters and well hidden extra missions to fill a dozen lesser games. Just a few minutes after gaining control of your character you can go anywhere and do anything, with the game making almost no effort to nudge you in its preferred direction. And yet that's exactly what some people hate the most.

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jc485732895d ago

I dislike games where they give you too much freedom.

XANDEO2894d ago

Depends on the game for me (some just dont do it right), but i could never imagine a bethesda game any other way

LiquifiedArt2894d ago

It ruins story progression. It takes away the "I can't wait to see what happens next." connection to the game.

It is far less compelling.