Square Enix Apologies for Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix have at last admitted that Final Fantasy XIV is a broken game. So much so that anyone who brought the game before the 25th of October will have 60 days free trial instead of 30.

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NYC_Gamer2828d ago

what about for the other lackluster releases?

MachinaMaw2828d ago

An apology + extended trial just doesn't cut it SE.

VersusEM2828d ago

yeah but they got start somewhere

Otheros002828d ago

They started at FFXI. This is their second mmo so it should of been better that FFXI, but it's not.

evrfighter2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

I agree they have to start somewhere. what's done is done.

However I'm still not reactivating until the game is at a point where it's worth the money i paid for it.

If they shut down the servers so be it. apologies are fine. but actions speak louder than words. as a consumer my wallet does the talking for me. I won't be buying versus.

hay2828d ago

I'm waiting for apologies for FFXIII. It was an insult.

LoVeRSaMa2828d ago

They'll be sorry if they multi-plat XIII Versus too.

CimmerianDrake2827d ago

*Looks out to see if pigs are flying, calls Hell to see if they are serving sno cones.*

No way. For real?

Well, I suppose it's about damn time. Now they need to get to apologizing for FFXIII, the whole "westernizing" their games, ruining Front Mission, etc.. etc... etc....

Mark this day in your calendars people, you won't see this again in your lifetime.

Razgriz2827d ago

I don't see any apology in the link. Oh, and FF13 haters, you can suck it, SE will never apologize for this great game. Actually, there is a great chance Toriyama is developing FFXV right now, so it's probably great time for you to shup up already and leave.

NecrumSlavery2827d ago

In happier news. Squaresoft's Parasite Eve is coming world wide to th e PSN!

maniacmayhem2827d ago

So did the PS3 "gimp" the PC version of FF XIV?

tacosRcool2827d ago

thats pretty bad that a company would apologize for its product sucking

Millah2827d ago


There's a difference between gimping a game, and a game that is just flat out broken and not in a state suitable for consumers. Smartass.

bakasora2827d ago

So $quareEnix just apologies and gave 60 days more of shitty play time?
lol thats funny.

No Way2827d ago

Yes, yes, I certainly can confirm.. For real!


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specialguest2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

But unfortunately, this will be the final fantasy for a lot of your MMO players.

GoldPS32828d ago

Well at least they admitted the game is bad. I respect them for that becuz most companies will not admit they mad a bad product, *cough Microsoft*. Making it a MMO was a bad idea. I think they will learn from this.

timmyrulz2828d ago

To bring MS into this article when the company has nothing WHAT SO EVER to do with this game just makes you a complete arse - they is just no need

XabiTheHumble2827d ago

You stole my bit you bastard. XD

Organization XII2827d ago

Hope this kind of behavior brings back the Square we all knew before they started kissing MS's ass..
I miss SquareSoft

visualb2827d ago

they want better games.

princejb1342827d ago

they should be sorry
they should have never thought about making 14 a mmo
and should have moved straight on to completing versus 13 before making 14

solar2827d ago

and another example of a develop trying too much and not delivering. too bad fanboys are too stupid to open their eyes and realize dev's and publishers only want their money until word gets out their product STINKS.

thank you this genertion of consoles. Sony, MS, and Nintendo have you right where they want you

zeddy2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

they can apologise by not destroying verses and porting it to the 360, i dont have anying against the 360 but until microsoft address this media storage situation i want want a full no holds barred game. either that or i will never buy a square-enix product ever again.

Imperator2827d ago

SE NEEDS to get rid of wada. That guy is just ruining the games and bringing less and less money in.

PHOSADRA2827d ago

Squaresoft was a good company...

Enix was a good company...

But Squaresoft + Enix = SquareEnix just doesn't cut it >.<

Though both companies can make good rpgs.... The balance was thrown off when they merged >.<

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rebirthofcaos2828d ago

XD so true. On the other side it should be free till they fix it completely.

I wont be surprise if they delay more the ps3 version.

XANDEO2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

It should have been delayed until next year, they need there soft back

the_manson_charles2828d ago

Square is just abusing the loyalty of their idiot fans at this point.

sdtarm2828d ago

bubbles for the avatar :D

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tplarkin72828d ago

It seems like a ploy to generate revenue before they finished the game. The Square Enix complacency keeps getting worse.

ElementX2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

I remember when people used to drool over SE games.... my how times have changed! Plus, the fanboys never give up! All I see on N4G is "versus" will be better than XIII, don't worry" and other such nonsense. SE has only released crap in the past few years, accept the facts, fanboys!

ZombieAssassin2828d ago

On consoles that is true but i've loved most of the handhelds games they've made the last few years, honestly though I don't think too many still have complete faith in Versus13 most are prolly like me and are just doing the "wait and see" angle.

kesvalk2827d ago

agreed, the worlds ends with you and the 4 warriors of light are some of the best games from SE this generation.

SaiyanFury2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

I think people used to drool over Squaresoft and ENIX games. Personally, I can't say I've drooled over any S-E game since Squaresoft and ENIX dropped their identities as developers and became a corporation bent on the bottom line. That's only my perspective. :)