Walmart Black Friday Ads Date Set

"The anticipation for Black Friday is already starting to build as Black Friday ad leaks slowly trickle over the next few weeks.

Historically, Walmart has held their Black Friday cards close to their chest through cease and desist posting notifications, and it appears that this year is no different."

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pinkyxyz2646d ago

the greatest shopping day of the year!!!

CrazyForGames2646d ago

im supposed to be saving up but wth black friday coming up how can i?

guitarded772646d ago

Why the hell was this approved... there is NO INFO!!!!! F'n stupid!

dgroundwater2646d ago (Edited 2646d ago )

Here's the info: "Expect to see the Walmart Black Friday ads on Sunday, November 21st this year."

Yeah it's news unveiling news. It's happened lots of times before

MachinaMaw2646d ago

Didn't someone die after being trampled by thousands of people at Wal-mart?

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TheIneffableBob2646d ago

This? This is an advertisement.

TOSgamer2646d ago

Who the f approved this? There is nothing after the link.

CombineElite2646d ago (Edited 2646d ago )

Weird people come out the wood work on Black Friday.

Went to Wal-Mart on Black Friday with the wife a few years back and I will never do it again.

people were fighting, got trampled, people stole whole cart loads of merchandise, the lines were a hour long, the employees were walking around in fear while all the managers hid in the back, it was a nightmare.

but I got my kids some bikes very cheap.

Cheeseknight282646d ago

Just use Amazon or Newegg's Black Friday deals for trample-free shopping.

Also Cyber Monday on the following week.

itsralf2646d ago

I know what Black Friday is, but what is this link? I was expecting a list of sales. Not a page that says that Walmart is having a Black Friday sale. Really? Why was this approved?

CrzyFooL2646d ago

Yeah, that was actually at the walmart near me. Poor guy.

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Mamajuana2646d ago

I have to keep a lookout on this. My original 60 gig PS3 just YLODed on me. So I might just wait for black friday to take advantage of a good deal. Any idea how long before the store opens I have to wait in order to get my hands on a PS3 at Gamestop that day?

TOO PAWNED2646d ago

We have store over here in Sweden that repairs YLOD for 120$. If it is 60gb that reads PS2 games its well worth. There must be similar store in usa.

Mamajuana2646d ago

Yeah but those are only temporary fixes. I'm just going to go ahead and get a new one.

SKUD2646d ago

I wonder how many people are going to get trampled and killed this year?.

kaos_fish II2646d ago

Depends if they have anything worth lining up for.

CrazyForGames2646d ago (Edited 2646d ago )

reminds me of when i read that some walmart employee got trampled and killed when he opened the doors

i actually got a little mad hearing that someone died just so some people can get deals man that was messes up

HolyOrangeCows2646d ago (Edited 2646d ago )

Well with how much Obama and the dems have "improved" the economy...probably more people than any year from the last decade.

Gen0ne2646d ago

A political dig? Here?

Convas2646d ago (Edited 2646d ago )

Wow, not only is HOC a bitter gamer, he's also a bitter Armchair politician too. Silly fool, Politics is for newbs.

vickers5002646d ago

Gtfo and spew your bullsh*t somewhere else. Perhaps the comment section of a youtube video? You will fit right in there.

HolyOrangeCows2646d ago


"A political dig? Here?"
What else is there to discuss? This article is "Oh, Black Friday is in over a month, guis" and not much else other than self-advertisement to check their site later.

"Wow, not only is HOC a bitter gamer, he's also a bitter Armchair politician too"
How can one not get bitter when they see the world take one step forward, 10 steps back in social and political manners?

"Gtfo and spew your bullsh*t somewhere else"
What "bullsh**"?

BWS19822646d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

HOC. Nice spin, though. Bush's dual-term devastation says hi. Cognitive distortion.

Since you know where the economy's magic switch is, go pull it-- then you can stop whining.

Wow. Christine O'Donnell could use supporters like you.

HolyOrangeCows2645d ago

"Bush's dual-term devastation says hi"

LOL, here we go. I'm not a democrat, so I'm obviously a Republican.

Logic fail.

Convas2645d ago

HOC, you wanna explain to me how exactly the world took a step forward (And under who LMAO) and how it took ten steps backwards (This I can already guess myself)?

Unbornkirkster192645d ago

If "the economy's magic switch its" shouldnt he flip the switch? Not pull it that would be a lever...

BWS19822645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

never denoted your political affiliation, so if anything, logic win (evasion fail on your part). Read your garbage smear and should you so desire, you *could* join their cause, but again, I never labeled you (in fact I stated COD could use a supporter like you)...nice attempt, though.

@ above: yes, flip the switch or pull the lever, those would have been apt correlations. Long night, and I have to be awake again.

HolyOrangeCows2645d ago

"I never denoted your political affiliation"

"Nice spin, though. Bush's dual-term devastation says hi"
Yeah, because that DEFINITELY doesn't suggest it at all.

I never mentioned the other political extreme, but you mentioned it as if I had something positive to say about it.

BWS19822645d ago reaching for "suggestions" just shows you were wrong, we could paint the canvas with "suggested" sentence fragments all day. I'm glad you're political, and have interest in politics, but this isn't the place and I don't think either of us will go anywhere with it.

I recall you being basically in line with me on video game views, though, and I'd rather remember you for that, if that's worth anything.

Convas2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

HOC, not only have you not answered me, but your logic is skewered as well.

When you come onto a gaming related topic and utter the phrase "Well with how much Obama and the dems have "improved" the economy", like HELL we're going to think you're anything other than a "conservative" or a "republican".

You left yourself wide open, and now you want to come up with lame ass covering tactics? Too late sir, you're already shot yourself.

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SexyPrawns2646d ago


I work 3rd shift at Walmart.

I can almost guarantee I'll be working Thanksgiving night until either 7 or 8 on Black Friday morning. :(

I'm giving money to my friends to buy me stuff with, if I have to work. It's one of my favorite days!

Lucreto2646d ago

It is odd retailers in Europe haven't followed suit. There are never mad deals on products and it there if it is usually on products that are old models. I was looking for a TV and it was €1,500 making allowances for taxes and such it would have been $1,100. But I saw an ad for the same TV in the US for $500. I was a little annoyed.

256bit2646d ago

do ppl in europe get trampled to death over slash priced on products but later find out that after christmas the prices has been slashed even more?

Lucreto2646d ago

No there is nothing like that. It appears on the news in Europe when someone is the US is killed in such a fashion.

There are few pre-Christmas sales it usually starts the 26th.

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