PAX East and NYCC Prove Games Cons Should Keep Coming East

GamerNode's Mike Murphy writes: "Video games are a big part of American culture and the lives of numerous American citizens. However, when it comes time to showcase the best that the videogame industry has to offer to the press and general gaming public, developers, publishers, and console manufacturers have always done so specifically on the western side of the country. It made logical sense. The western United States was quite obviously geographically closer to Japan, the other juggernaut nation of the industry. But what it did was force a large chunk of videogame fans to go across the country in order to fully enjoy the atmosphere of a big-time game convention or trade show. Now, though, thanks to PAX East and New York Comic Con, the East Coast is finally getting the love it deserves..."

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italianbreadman2893d ago

For real. The East Coast is not a SMALL place. Get some games out there!!