Lens of Truth - Head2Head: Fallout: New Vegas HD Screenshot Comparison

Lens of Truth: "Welcome back for another exciting screenshot comparison, today we got our copies of Fallout: New Vegas for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and as expected there are some differences we noticed right off the bat. As you all may know, Fallout: New Vegas has huge open-ended environments and to ensure a good quality comparison we’re going to need a little more time before we post our in-depth analysis . But before you jump the gun on which version you think is going to win this war, our results from our analysis may prove you wrong. Consider this screenshot comparison as an appetizer, because the entree is yet to come."

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Soul Train2831d ago

Wow I really can't decide, I heard the PS3 has some glitches but it looks better in these pics.

Tempjf2831d ago

Xbox will always prevail.

Soul Train2831d ago

Now why did ya have to go and say somthing like that? Don't you know where we are!

Perjoss2831d ago

ps3 for exclusives and blu ray movies.
360 for multiplats and online.

JokesOnYou2831d ago

The rug looks blurry in the 360 pic, but every ps3 pic is full of jaggies. Still looks like a good game which ever you pick.


harv0522831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

I second JOY. PS3 somewhat looks sharper, but with a lot more jaggies...Very noticeable on the 3rd screenshot.

It seems this game is handled very differently by both consoles...

NecrumSlavery2831d ago

I'd say tie. PS3 is more jaggie in a couple, but 360's rug & clock look like melted pile of yuck. And what the hell is the last gun pick of? Some shooter on the 3DO or Sega Saturn?...*vomits in mouth.
Getting on PS3. I'll be patient as the any DLC arriving bwtween Jan-Mar are blocked by KZ3, inFAM2, GT5, LBP2, Crysis2, Rage etc etc. 2011 is so orgasmically congested

nickjkl2831d ago

wait do these people play with the ps3 on full all the time

guru95352831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )


I Totally agree with you. All the pS3 fanboy babies will disagree....but if you've got both systems, thats just how it is....
Why ruin that nice ps3 bluray movie player with multiplatform games that perform better on the 360?

Sarcasm2831d ago

PS3 version - No AA
360 version - low Anisotropic filtering

Which version to get?

The PC version.

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zeddy2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

ps3's got better textures in pics 2 and 7 but the 360 wins with the rest and surely you cant ignore the the jaggies on the ps3 and i'm pretty used to that washed out look for multiplats on my ps3. it pisses me off but the 360 version will run better. i felt nauseous looking at all those jaggies in fallout 3 so i aint getting this now. just look at pic 3!

FACTUAL evidence2831d ago

A lot of these recent games, ps3 has been winning.

likedamaster2830d ago

Jaggies can be quite distracting on the ps3 version.

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Sea_Man2831d ago

Look at the 2nd image!! The rug looks like poo on the 360!

Faztkiller2831d ago

also Can't read the clock on 6th pic 360 version seems blurry

Joe Bomb2831d ago

I like the ps3 lighting better too.

Motorola2831d ago

they emphasize that they used HDMI on both consoles at the bottom. it cud be the reason PS3 looks better and im glad. I use HDMI :D

STONEY42831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

"they emphasize that they used HDMI on both consoles at the bottom. it cud be the reason PS3 looks better and im glad. I use HDMI :D"

Honestly, who plays on an HDTV but doesn't use HDMI these days? I thought it was common knowledge by now.

Bigpappy2831d ago

The 360's AA cause a bit of blur, but the PS3 has the jaggy images. I think I can live with the blur over the jags. The jags take away from the believable look of the graphics. Having said that, They look very close and can be enjoyed on either console.

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Nitrowolf22831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

yeah it does, but i notice more jags on the PS3 version, but i think it's due to the blurry texture which makes the rug look like that and the border of items be blurred

I notice in some picture the PS3 has more details on stuff (the last picture prooves that, along with being able to read the clock), but the 360 version seems to had better color (seem darker, i bet that has to due with brightness)

Eazy-Eman2831d ago

I love my Ps3 and all.....but does it really matter that one game is "superior" on one console than on another due to a rug looking better? What has our society come to?

Eiffel2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Rug looks like poo, but the character looks better compared. Seems it varies.

zeddy2831d ago

your deluded mate the ps3 has the edge in pics 2 & 7 but the 360 has it in the rest.

rlm422831d ago

Anything in the distance (which is a LOT of things in an open world game) look like poo on the PS3! Jaggies!

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Otheros002831d ago

The textures for the carpet are different.

Baron792831d ago

Because of the DLC I'll be getting this for the 360, but that's the only reason.

Panthers2831d ago

I have never bought any DLC so that would never be a selling point for me.

ArthurLee2831d ago

Much thanks to submitter.

This is a tough choice. DLC vs. better graphics and a 5 gig install. I'm runnung out of room on my HDD so the space matters to me.