IGN: PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment Review

When you get right down to it though, the intended audience for gun attachments is those who are looking for tactile authenticity, not hardcore gamers who demand top performance. The allure of a shooting attachment is creating an arcade-like effect, and in this regard it serves users well. Once you get past the inherent issues associated with shooting attachments, there is no questioning that the PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment is a well crafted example; it just isn't really useful for many players.

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ReBurn2855d ago

Looks like a bubble gun.

0oAngeluso02855d ago

Nothing to write home about.
Honestly I thought Sony should have said it clearly that they were going after casual gamers, all this mixed in Hard core stuff is just scaring away the casual gamers that would enjoy it. The actual Hard core gamers aren't going to want to use Move on an online game and risk it. I know I wouldn't. Just put out some interesting games and it'll be fine, but it'll never be a Wii. Nintendo has too many great 1st party titles.

jwk942855d ago

My wii is sitting in the corner collecting dust while i play uncharted 2 whenever I can, so your statement doesn't apply to me.

Army_of_Darkness2855d ago

move a side sissy girl! cause I'm going in the online battlefield with move bitaches!!!


I'm owning with Move on MAG, I assume you are wrong.

JoeReno2855d ago

I said it in a couple other post, but I've been scoring some of my highest XP games so far, and I've owned MAG since day one.

Ivan Drago IV2855d ago

Would lol if this attachment got rated higher than kinect..

blackburn52855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

What the hell are you talking about 0oAngeluso0? When did Sony say they were only going only after casuals or are trying to be the Wii? Sony as per usual are catering for both sides. And you talk as if hardcore gamers are risking their lives trying to use Move on an online match. People use it in MAG and report great results from using it. You assume that all hardcore gamers are too cowardly to try something new.

0oAngeluso02855d ago

They are trying to cater to both, which is a mistake. They should have said they are going after "Gamers" in general. I wouldn't consider MAG a hardcore game, it's more of an arcade type of game. Everything I've seen with it on that particular game is comical at best, especially online. I know personally some gimmick motion controller will never beat a skilled person using a standard controller.

jmallymav2855d ago

strong opinion but i agree, played MAG, and it def feels like an arcady shooter
when i played with the move i was actually having fun with it, but cant see it being as good as a controller for any kind of shooter.
just not my cup of tea..and im a hardcore shooter mean to the core!

blackburn52855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Oh and you know that for a fact? God the people on this site are ignorant. If you don't like Move just say so but stop saying it could never beat a controller. How do you know that? Did you try them out and calclate their differences in movement or accuracy. And why is it you think catering to both sides is wrong? It shows Sony's Move is more flexable that it can do other things besides mini games and rail shooters. I suppose you all would be more satisfied if they just crapped out a bunch of barely functional mini games and vapid dance games instead. As usual Sony's attempts at variety and flexability are met with the scorn of of the fans of the mediocre and the mindless.The stupid things people say on this site makes me wonder about future gamers. I am a hardcore gamer too and anything that might give me an edge I am more than willing to try it. I don't just dismiss it because I might get owned a few times while learning to use it. Modern gamers are the most cowardly, whiny people I have ever seen.

jmallymav2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

i also agree that sony is trying to be more flexible..which is good for the industry, but c'mon..u think using move as the main controller for a shooter, even though is an option,is better that using a controller?
many of my hardcore ps3 friends dont believe that.

@n4g users
I just think is going to take alot of time for many gamers to accept and use a move-type controller for a shooter, it wouldnt be fair. i dont like the fact kz3 said its having move exlusives rooms..i say fuck it..use what u want..lets get it in, no fucking excuses!! no matter what controller is being used.

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