IGN: EA Sports MMA Review

IGN writes: "Up to this point the Mixed Martial Arts space has been dominated by THQ's UFC series. Not being one to be left out of the party, EA Sports is leaping into the ring with the aptly named EA Sports MMA. While it is lacking the big-name UFC license, that doesn't stop EA's first foray into the MMA world from impressing in more than a few crucial areas".

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PimpHandHappy2860d ago

the fact you can fight in a ring and other places... Its not all cage
oh and also

gta_manic2860d ago

UFC 2010 could have been so much more, but it`s not a 1 every year game like nba,nhl or madden.

-Judge_Fudge2860d ago

meh i still like UFC better the guys on here move to fast and how to do submissions kinda is dumb

iceman062859d ago

I like the submission portion of the game. There really is a strategy to attacking and defending of subs beyond the visual tug of war appearance. I watched a couple of streams yesterday of the online and it was quite entertaining to see the people discovering nuances that they didn't believe were in the game. For example, I witnessed Aoki do a flying arm bar submission straight from a series of blocks and counters from a pure striker. This was actually for an online belt so that made it that much more interesting. All in all, this competition is sure to make UFC a better game in 18 months...that is if THQ hold true to what they stated.

nevin12859d ago

I didn't like the demo.