’Xbox LIVE Free’ name changed from ‘Xbox Live Silver’ is not Fake

Lot’s of changes happening this week and in the months ahead for Microsoft and the Xbox team. One surprising change that Graeme Boyd, Xbox Community Manager in Europe tweeted was, “Just been told that 'Xbox LIVE Silver Membership' will now officially be called 'Xbox LIVE Free Membership'. The times they are a-changin...”.

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wat6342898d ago

If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

Shadow Flare2898d ago

Microsoft rarely get to use that saying

AAACE52898d ago

I think XBL gold will eventually be free! But right now they are trying to add a lot of stuff to it so that it grows on you and then when they do make online play free, people still feel the need to pay for gold, so they can access all of the other content!

Nah, I don't know if i'd believe that one either...

xAlmostPro2898d ago

@AAACE5 it will only be free when 360 sales start dropping in big numbers tbh

TheDeadMetalhead2898d ago


But sadly, no. This is Microsoft. They'd charge you an extra fee to play single player games if they could. -_-

deadreckoning6662898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Bullshit..XBL Silver should offer free online play and XBL Gold should be for the people who want Netflix and all that other extra crap. But of course M$ won't do it since their #2 in NA(and currently outselling the PS3 worldwide). I'm not one to put too much emphasis on sales...but I hope Sony does SOMETHING to take some of the spotlight away from Microsoft this holiday season. That way Microsoft will feel threatened enough to make online play free...or at least drop the price back to 50 bux.

Oh well, as long as I have my Black Ops on PSN, I can't complain :)

HolyOrangeCows2898d ago

"XBL Silver should offer free online play and XBL Gold should be for the people who want Netflix and all that other extra crap"

Agree 100%.

Imperator2898d ago

Why would people disagree with you? The 360 is the ONLY place where you're charged for online. And come on, let's face it, PSN is on par with XbL and anything on PC is FAR superior.

MS should not be charging for online play PERIOD. They should keep online free and offer all that other useless crap for Gold. If you disagree with this, you're a fanboy plain and simple. No logical person would disagree with this fact.

Fred-G-Sanford2898d ago

"Oh well, as long as I have my Black Ops on PSN, I can't complain."

Playing Black Ops on the PSN is like watching a Blu-ray on a black & white TV.


Bobby Kotex2898d ago

That's amazing how you were able to go into the future and check out Black Ops on the PS3.

J/K you're a troll.

Gamer_Z2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

You took the words right out of my mouth! a buble for you sir.

@Fred-G-Sanford And paying every month to play black ops online is like flushing your money down the toilet which makes you an idiot.

lol.Go back to your cave troll.

Blaze9292898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

....LOL <(^_^<)

Keep believing that buddy.

Sitris2898d ago

What trully makes Xbox Live better. I don't care for the communication with random players in games, so the free headset doesn't interest me. With PSN i am able to play with many friends online. Which is the main reason you are paying for xbox live.

Imperator2898d ago


The only thing missing from PSN is cross game chat. That's it. Everything else is the same. So tell me, how exactly is XBL better? When I play a game online it's exactly the same on both consoles.

Fred-G-Sanford2898d ago

"That's amazing how you were able to go into the future and check out Black Ops on the PS3."

I don't need to travel to the future to know that the PSN is inferior to XBL in every way.

COD games and XBL go together like peanut butter & jelly.

COD games and PSN go together like peanut butter and mustard. lol

King-Leonidas2898d ago

''I don't need to travel to the future to know that the PSN is inferior to XBL in every way. ''
HHAHAHAHAHAHAHA thanks for the laugh you blind fanboy, good luck on paying 60 euros a month.

fr0sty2898d ago

no, xbox free should offer netflix and all that also, because you ALREADY HAVE TO PAY A SUBSCRIPTION FEE. MS is double taxing it's user base which is [email protected]#%#.

fuckoffodion2898d ago

You do know Blaze is a sheep. A complete sheep.

divideby02898d ago

I just dont understand the DAs.....
I have always said the exact same thing....
make gaming FREE for Silver..

why would REAL gamers DA something like just boggles the mind.

Scotland-The-Brave2898d ago

Explain how XBL is better than PSN?
I would say they are pretty much on par with each other. XBL has cross game chat but there are benefits to PSN, gamesharing and dedicated servers to name a few.

No Way2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

The few things I've noticed, that I don't like on PSN..

No cross game chat. Couldn't connect to a chat with a friend playin MGS4.
When we 'could' it kept kicking us out of the chat. And, happened constantly.
The community is dead. Nobody talks on PSn. How boring is that..
That quality of the chat sucks. I've used multiple headsets.. Same result.
The other person I'm talking to sounds like a mouse, and far away.
I've experienced more drop outs during games , than on xbox live.
Downloads are fucking horrible on PSn. It took 2 days to download one demo.
While on Live, it took about an hour to download the same demo.

PSn is good, don't get me wrong, but it's got tons of room to improve..

Scotland-The-Brave2897d ago

Theres never been cross game chat, so stop making shit up, lol @ saying the community is dead, hmm thats funny i have over 30 friends on my friends list which i talk to all the time,join games with etc. Your point about chat sucks is lies aswell, if you have a decent headset(which i do) then the quality is fine. Also your last point about game downloading is rubbish aswell, it must be your router settings because my downloads are very fast and only take 3-4 hours on a bad day.
All in all, you are misinformed.

No Way2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Uh, okay.. let's see here.

Never been a cross game chat, exactly my point. Thank you.
It is dead. It's so quiet if you join a game without friends. Try it.
I've used several headsets. Including a PlayStation 3 headset. You're a lie.
I know many people who have slow ass downloads. It's not just me.
Though it could very possibly be my router, I don't know about em.
But, if so, why are my Live downloads so much faster than on PSn?

I'm not "misinformed," thank you very much, these are my experiences.
Maybe yours are different, but you are not me. Imagine that one, ehh?

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Christopher2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

At least they didn't change it to XBox Live Limited or Xbox Live: The Offline Edition or something similar.

karl2898d ago

Xbox live offline edition.. haha .. bubble 4 funny comment

Nitrowolf22898d ago

"Xbox live Free"
yeah that is going to confuse a lot of people
i thought they went free until i read

Snakefist302898d ago

HAHAHAHA Bubbles 4 the laugh

Organization XII2898d ago

Oh god haha thats fkn funny man, Live The Offline edition

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SpaZaA2898d ago

Ohhh wait does the "free" bit mean FREE of many critical features?

Vip3r2898d ago

To MS, it's more like, if it is broken, don't fix it.

LiquifiedArt2898d ago

Putting Free instead of Silver

Is a pure marketing strategy.

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AKissFromDaddy2898d ago

LOL, I hate them all the time, ahahaha

TekoIie2898d ago

I know this is VERY misleading to a new customer. They could just see the "its fast, its free" and think "HOLY FUCK" and then realise when they sign up they actually do have to pay for online... Well played microsoft...

MiloGarret2898d ago

I don't think it's particularly well played, rather blunt and deceptive imo. There are many aspects of Microsofts business strategy which are worthy of praise, this is definitely not one of them.

DevastationEve2898d ago

Doesn't mean much really, I gues sit just helps to reasure people when they go back to it that they're not being charged. Makes since that way I guess.

Parapraxis2898d ago

Can I play online MP now with a subscription to "XboX Live FREE"?

ELite_Ghost2898d ago

silver what a misleading word, it should be like bronze subscription and platinum subscription, cause u sure can't do much on the "bronze" account

silvacrest2898d ago

MS is just making it crystal clear for all the soccer moms who are about to invade xbox live

Parapraxis2898d ago

LOL, the first thing that came to my mind.

AutoCad2898d ago

Cant have enough MILFS...

Convas2898d ago

The only positive part of today's Oprah show reaction to Kinect.