Netflix's new PS3 app includes new features, new headaches

Take Netflix's widely adored streaming service, subtract the disc, add 1080p video and 5.1 audio and you should have something everyone's happy with right? Not exactly, as Engadget discovered a day after the updated Netflix app launched for the PlayStation 3 with a bunch of new features and unfortunately, a few new issues to go along with them including the app not working at all on imported systems, needing a new PSN user ID and the confusion of certain users seeing very different interfaces than what was promised.

While it worked long enough for Engadget to get a video walkthrough done, it crashed and locked up the PS3 slim multiple times while casually browsing. Engadget is not sure if this is an isolated occurrence, but were note sure this particular item is ready for prime time yet.

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rroded2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

right its cnet they dont need one ta bash the ps3...

seriously tho i watched the vid sounds awful on my laptop but still never saw anything ta bitch about...

edit his machine froze but wut no vid of it? anyone confirm it here who really has it?

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Issue with users PS ID apparently. Why does his interface look different from mine? re-downloading now.


lol I wouldn't go that far dude....shit happens. For the record I had no problems with it.

ImpartialMan2831d ago

mine works fine...

maybe its his PS3.. but seriously, this is retarded.. he has no way of knowing if its his PS3 giving problem or the Netflix.

and if you read the article, he does not even bother trying to figure this out. all it would take is a simple test.

it's almost as if he is using this as an excuse to bash Sony

NecrumSlavery2831d ago

This is a different interface than mine, unless it updated this morning. TRIANGLE brings up the search menu, and theres no in-vid menu bar of Video Art Cases. What is this shit?

Plus I have no issues at all. This App is amazing. Is CNET mad that the PS3's Netflix broswer shits all over every other one to include the actual Netflix Box, Bluray Player apps and the almight 360's Netflix program? What a trash article.

darkequitus2831d ago

I brought my UK 60Gb PS3 to the US when I moved over. I could use Netflix with the disk, not with the download.

Lifendz2831d ago

I think it's great? Variation in how the UI looks from one system to the next is curious, but not a problem. A problem would be if it wasn't working, no?

Dno2831d ago

Its great. not one problem so im glad this has not happened to me.

TukkerIntensity2831d ago

I've had it in Canada for about 1 month now (we got it early ;P) and I haven't had any all.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2831d ago

How much are you paying a month?

fedex6822831d ago

First month free in Canada...
And 7.99 CAD per month after the free trial.

jjank112831d ago

I've had zero problems so far and I'm loving the added additions/new interface. Its better than the 360 netflix app

D4RkNIKON2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Yeah, I have had absolutely no problems with the app. It is awesome and I have been using it a lot. The search function is one of my favorites, along with the fact that I can now send and receive messages with friends on PSN without even pausing my stream.

NecrumSlavery2831d ago

"It's better" is an understatement. Minus the PARTY CHAT and POPCORN THROWING/s, PS3's Netflix App is better than any other verison of it I have ever seen on any piece of hardware.

Christopher2831d ago

Haven't noticed any issues and really loving the new look and functionality. Is it possible that U.S. and Canadian versions of the app have different UI layouts?

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