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frankymv2859d ago

Hey Sony,

Where the hell is Dead Nation?

ReaperXL72859d ago

I'm pretty sure it's sometimes between nov-dec bro, it's still being beta tested as far as I know right now.

Lifendz2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Got home in time for the KZ3 beta. I was refreshing the PSN page non-stop and dl'd the theme as soon as it popped up. You know what, plus is actually worth it. I regret only getting the 3 month plan. I already got two full games and I've had plus less than 12 hours. Totally plan on going for the 12 month plan when my three month plan expires. If you can put aside the whole "teh pluz is tryingz to be likez teh Live Goldz," you'll see that Plus gives you some great stuff for free or a fraction of the price. I'll never buy a PSN game again because it'll probably come my way down the line via plus.

mugoldeneagle032859d ago

I signed up last week when EU got updated with the Fallout 3 DLC hoping we would get it, on top of the KZ3 Beta, and we didn't. So that blows, but I'm sure I'll get plenty of content out of the $ I spent, and I was one of the first to post on the update page, so hopefully I got into the beta.

I don't get why we wouldn't get the Fallout DLC though...At least I got New Vegas to hold me over, hopefully next month we'll see it

Lifendz2859d ago

I was hoping for the Fallout 3 DLC too. Can I create a Europe account and get the DLC with my Plus account or would that require me purchasing another Plus account? Kinda bites but oh well. Guess I'll have to cop New Vegas afterall.

So far it's Mass Effect 1 &2 on 360 and Fallout NV on PS3. Not sure when I'll get to Bayonetta or Dark Siders.

akiraburn2859d ago

@Lifendz, yeah I'm in the same predicament. Sadly though, you are accurate in saying that you would need a separate PS+ account for EU in order to get the content. I really do hope we get it soon, because I haven't and won't be paying for the F3 content.

I rented New Vegas today and have been playing through that, but I won't be buying it because it inevitably will be getting a GOTY edition by next year with all DLC included. As for the other games you mentioned, I have to say I was thoroughly surprised by Bayonetta. I was very skeptical when I first bought it, but it was a very fun experience that didn't take itself too serious, and had a decent amount of challenge and character progression. I own Darksiders as well, though admittedly haven't found time to get back to it with all the games coming out recently. Also, another game I finally got around to recently was Nier. It was surprisingly good, and I'd recommend checking it out if you enjoy Action-RPGs.

OneSneakyMofo2859d ago

I was literally in the first fifty to download that sucker. I was sitting there refreshing the store, and BOOM. I had practiced (while I waited) on how to click an item, press down, and hit x to where it highlighted download.

I hit rate, and it said 13 people have rated so far.

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Silly gameAr2859d ago

Hope I was quick enough to download the Killzone theme.

Octo12859d ago

Me three. Going to be tough. 5000 BETA spots split between US and Canadian PSN plus members.

akiraburn2859d ago

When I downloaded the theme about 35-40 minutes ago, they were at around 1400 ratings, now they're over 2100 ratings on the theme. I'm hoping I managed to get in too, but it's tough to tell without every one of the downloads giving a rating.

ViperX22859d ago

Man, I'm not getting home from work for like another hour or so. I really wished they PS+ "Auto Download" feature worked, then I would already have this when I get home since I have it set to update at 5pm.

Oh well, looks like I get screwed out of another beta. I would have gladly traded my Dead Space 2 beta for this one.

CrawFail2859d ago

I heard it took about 25 minutes for all 10,000 passes to be downloaded. I think, basically if you managed to download it then you're in.

xTruthx2859d ago

Downloaded my kz3 theme :)

TheLastGuardian2859d ago

Is it a dynamic theme? I hope it becomes available to non plus members soon.

2859d ago

see yal in the betya tee heee! Playststion plus ftw!

trancefreak2859d ago

yeah same here was 4:18 in Los Angeles when I got it and about 150 rating :)

BrianG2859d ago

haha, same time for me to, around 7:18. When I grabbed it only 35 ratings were given. So heres hoping I'm in.

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