G4TV: Vanquish Review

Beyond this disappointing oversight there's something else lacking in Vanquish – a heart. The game rides the knife's edge between parody and guileless bluster so well that its impossible to tell exactly what the game has to say about anything. If Vanquish is poking fun at Solid Snake, Master Chief and every gun-toting videogame hero that has come since it does so with nary a wink.

It's more likely that Shinji Mikami and company are like a cover band, rocking their shooter in the style of their favorite American hits. They may have the chops, but they can't write a tune to save their lives.

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MNicholas2860d ago

The relative lack of gruff voices, or bulkiness, or plodding repetition were all reasons for it's downfall. If it had those things it would have been a sure 10.

deafwing2860d ago

he's getting too old lol :D

BannedForNineYears2859d ago

Adam doesn't write the reviews. :|
Neither does Morgan.

Monkey5212860d ago

I'm not sure how I feel about this game. From most of the reviews I've read, it seems to be extremely fun but not worth a $60 purchase. I guess I'll rent it.

zatrox2860d ago

...As long as you like the game. If you can't get used to how the game is itself (Sometimes harsh, sometimes not, depends on your skill rather than upgrades and stuff like that) then you'll love it.

If not, well, I have to say, you'll be trading it in or something, regretting your purchase.

jc485732860d ago

I got the game for 15 dollars bro!

jc485732860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

I had 45 worth of coupons that I got from buying other games at Kmart. The deal ends this Saturday. If you purchase Vanquish, you will save 30 dollars on listed games like Heavy Rain, Enslaved, Castlevania, Uncharted 2 GOTY, Front Mission Evolved, Quantum Theory, Borderlands GOTY, and the list goes on. You also get another 20 dollar coupon at the end of the transaction, which you can put towards other games. They are also having a clearance sales for some games like NG2, Devil May Cry 4, and so on.

SuperbVillain2860d ago

I trust G4...3/5 isn't the game i was expecting :/

zatrox2860d ago

You trust some of the most laughable, empty and rage-worthy reviewers, that sometimes are up there with Jim Sterling himself?

You must be new to this kind of thing. These guys only care about KOOL GAMER BRAH, OMG IT'S A REHASH YAY, etc.

Godmars2902860d ago

that does seem to be the trend out of Japan lately: games with no soul. That are trying to be Western instead of Japanese. With the good stuff, the Japanese stuff, staying in Japan.

zatrox2860d ago

Vanquish isn't devoid of soul. If you played the game you can tell alot of effort has gone onto polishing it to incredible levels. From the gameplay to the level design, it's all pretty great and sometimes even brilliant.

Servbot2860d ago

Vanquish is really fun and unique. Despite its length I think it's a game that any TPS fan should play.

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