Call of Duty: Trivializing War?

I love shooting Nazi’s in the face, don’t you?

I remember storming castle Wolfenstein with all manner of boom sticks – blasting my way through every single one of those mass-murdering bastards in an avalanche of hot lead and death. The outcry over FPS’s began around the time Doom and Mortal Kombat were hitting the scene. Members of the previous generations flinched as they watched us annihilate enemies via decapitation or splattering rocket fire. As a kid, I felt their chorus of disapproval was ridiculous. I knew full well it was just a video game and the only thing I was actually killing was time. The only things being harmed were clusters of pixels. Almost every gamer I know feels the same way about war games and FPS’s. We would roll our eyes when we heard about some lame ass parent coming on television and attacking the violence in video games.

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deadreckoning6662897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

No...because its not meant to be a realistic depiction of war. If you can't tell the difference between COD and a real war..then your parents fucked up somewhere along the line.

ilikestuff2897d ago

i remember my first beer

RayRay362897d ago

What we should be more worried about is war its self. People always talk about the video games. Well, instead of bitching about games showing real life problems, try to fix the problems themselves.

Dsnyder2897d ago

That the way call of duty depicts war is unrealistic. War is not a football game. The soldiers dont get together and shout HOOAH after blowing up a base. Call of duty depicts their solders as having fun, shouting wisecracks and they shoot thier guns but the fact is that war isnt fun. No matter what, everyone loses and the survivors do not come home the same. For those who are too dum to realize this and think war is all fun and games. I advise you to go onto the battlefield and give your life for this country. The military loves those that are eaisly manipulated and it looks like video games have already done that job.

nickjkl2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

they gotta keep their spirits up some how while they are in a place where they can be killed at any moment or are you expecting them to cry tears every time they shoot someone just because it goes against their morale values when you go into a battle you gotta detach yourself or you wont survive at all

besides cod isnt a war its spec ops

duplissi2897d ago

you are absolutely correct, well almost. im just nitpicking but yeah hooah is shouted a whole lot in the army, and for just about anything.

TekoIie2896d ago

There will alway's be someone in the army who enjoy's killing. Atleast one i promise you...

jimsondanet2897d ago

That article isnt about the ability to discern reality, its about morality.
Personaly I think its ok to play COD or MOH just always keep in the back of your mind the n00bs who had their skulls actually splattered across a wall.
Its sorta ok to enjoy the thrill of the chase an the kill. The conditions that forged these instincts are the ones we now debate and are practiced from childhood (cops an robbers anyone?) so yeah they are there for a reason.
Just never forget the one's that lost the one life they had to live or the families who would share it.
What is that saying "Lest we forget"?

duplissi2897d ago

i wouldnt place MOH in the same camp as COD, as MOH places an unparalled reverence and respect to soldiers and war.

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Swiftfox2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

No it doesn't.

The author thought the game was ok until he met that person that shared her story with him. He felt an emotional response from her words and drew the line between the reality and the game. Had the game trivialized war for him, he would never have drawn that line for himself.

Games are games and only the truly sick can't define the difference between the realms of reality and fantasy.

Kemicalbeliefs2897d ago

Return to Castle Wolfenstein...ahhh those were the days.

ZombieNinjaPanda2897d ago

Black Ops was banned on bases?

Medal of Honor...? What?

icxe2897d ago

i understand the point of view here but it wont keep me from playing or watching war games. For sure if one of my family member would die, it would be a different story. Its like dui people still do it untill somebody from there family dies from it .

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