GameInformer: EA Sports MMA Review

EA’s first attack on the mixed martial arts scene heads back to its corner looking pretty strong, but there are still a few holes in its defense, one of which is the game’s roster. There are some great fighters in this game – such as Fedor Emelianenko, Satoru Kitaoka, and Randy Couture – but without the UFC license and many of its most potent combatants, there is a large hole in the game’s roster. The game’s presentation also lacks a bit of the spectacle and style found in real broadcasts.

It would also be nice to see some refinement to the submission system as the minigames you use to put the hurt on your opponents feel a little gimmicky. Despite these issues, EA Sports MMA is still a powerful brawler, and another year or two in the gym should turn it into a true monster.

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DMason2829d ago

After playing the demo, I really thought this game was going to bomb based on how it played. This just proves that the demo isnt always indicative of how the retail game plays. The same went with FIFA 11. I thought it was a terrible demo, but the actual game is amazing.

jetlian2829d ago

demo only sucks with TPC. If you use the buttons its pretty good