War World makes two this Wednesday

Coming to XBLA this Wednesday, will be Super Puzzle Fighter Turbo HD Remix, along with War World. News of War World coming in this week comes from the official forums . War World is set to boast 8-16 LIVE Multiplayer (which the developers think will be filled as soon as the game comes out), and the game will be out at 12:01AM PST Wednesday August 29, 2007.

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Zhuk4104d ago

two amazing releases this week, War World looks really fun too

marionz4104d ago

they said sensi soccor was coming on the 29th, im glad puzle fighter is coming but i was looking forward to getting sensi this week

G_CodeMonkey4104d ago

If its as good as I expect, its an instant-buy. I could care less about a story--just give me the action!! I'll be kicking your butts online soon... (more like getting my head handed to me likely) :) gCM