Sell Your Game in 30 Seconds: Vanquish

DualShockers writes: "It’s that time again, for everyone’s favorite game: Sell Your Game in 30 Seconds! This week we put Sega producer Omar “The Batman” Woodley on the hot seat to see if he can talk you in to purchasing Vanquish with only 30 seconds on the clock (as if the demo wasn’t a good enough reason to already). Check out the video below as Omar tells us all how Vanquish will burn our eyes out… in a good kind of way!"

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thevokillist2893d ago

It looks like a nice game, but I just can't see it lasting more than a few hours, imo.

Bloodlyte2893d ago

You can talk for 30 hours if you want, nothing will make me pay full price for a single player only game that I can finish in 4 hours.

allyc4t2893d ago

I'm not sure I want to play a game that will burn my eyes out. Lol, nice vid.