EA Confirms Medal of Honor Has Generated $100 Million

Earlier today, Electronic Arts happily announced that its Medal of Honor reboot sold 1.5 million copies worldwide in just five days. What wasn't in the publisher's original announcement was a dollar amount. Now speaking on a Fox Business TV segment, EA CEO John Ricitiello has confirmed that the game generated a very healthy $100 million.

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PS3ROCKS2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

That's more then 99 million

Megaton2898d ago

But lower than 101 million, flop.

Paradise2898d ago

But I'm an opposing force.

deadreckoning6662898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )


GoldPS32898d ago

I'm sure they didn't spend much to make the game anyway.

jc485732898d ago

this is sad. people need variety.

nickjkl2898d ago

dammit thats 1/5 the size of what mw2 sold in 5 days

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donniebaseball2898d ago

That's a pretty damn good start for the title. Those first 5 days might have enabled EA to recoup the development and marketing costs.

donniebaseball2898d ago

Also, not sure why someone put duplicate on this. It's BRAND NEW info on dollar amount, which is different than the stories from before about units sold.

Shackdaddy8362898d ago

Kinda obvious since they already announced that they sold 1.5 mil copies opening week.

Alone, at $60/game, thats $90 mil. They probably sold more since then.

XXXCouture2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

its not 60$ in all of the world

kaveti66162898d ago

A lot of the MSRP goes to the retailer. The publisher gets a smaller share than 65 bucks.

scar202898d ago

This game is awesome and its balanced u don't see noob tubes flying everywhere.

XXXCouture2898d ago

but sometimes i see a ton of snipers .. fuck i hate 'em

wsoutlaw872898d ago

ya but you can avoid snipers easier than hundreds of flying noob tubes

nickjkl2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

wow those are some terrible snipers
i play killzone 2 where if you have alot to account for when you take a shot with a sniper

not only is it slower but you have to have the right zoom on for the right distance account for the target moving in a direction and keep your hands still while taking the shot or the sixaxis will pick up your movement and mess up your aiming

skip2mylou2898d ago

sniping is harder in this though cause if u miss ur fucked because it take like 2seconds to get off a second shot its only annoying if people use battle rifles and spray off the whole clip to kill someone

gamingdroid2898d ago

The game got terrible reviews almost universally so I decided to wait for the eventual bargain bin...

How did it sell so well?

dalibor2898d ago

Because I bought the game. Like what scar20 said, this game is pretty damn balanced and I love the fact that noob tubing is not as easy as in other military games, hence you hardly see noob tubing in MOH. This game is fun, really enjoying it. Its more similar to COD4 rather than MW2 imo.

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The story is too old to be commented.