500 RADS could be the Fallout Movie in Disguise

J.J. Abrams (Star Trek, Alias, Lost, Cloverfield) has a super secret project known only as “500 RADS”

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Arsenic132829d ago

Sure its not Super 8? His next monster film.

GilIsMunny2829d ago

Godzilla & crew I'm pegging for Super 8

N4GAddict2828d ago

A Fallout movie sounds cool

N4GAddict2828d ago

Whatever it is, I can't wait for J.J. Abrams next work

Calm Down Sunshine2828d ago

Just watch "the road" and you'll get the idea.

antz11042828d ago

Wasn't a big fan of The Road. Although mutants w/ mini guns could make it alot cooler.

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