Big Week Coming For PlayStation Store

This coming week is set up to be the biggest week ever for the PlayStation Store on the PS3. The previous two weeks have had some terrific updates with demos and trailers, but this week looks to leave both of them in the dust.

This week marks the release of Warhawk as the first downloadable game that will also be released on Blu-Ray. Releases have been announced for August for High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition and Super Puzzle Fighter Turbo HD Remix, with this week being the last chance in August. Another supposed release this week is the update for Tekken with online play, but there's been no confirmation on that release date.

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Meus Renaissance4075d ago

Hopefully a Lair demo aswell

drunkpandas4075d ago

Even though it's been ready for a while, I don't know if we'll see that until after release. Only because of the very mixed reviews the game has seen so far.

Meus Renaissance4075d ago

I was thinking the same thing, but the overall impression of the game is bad already anyway. There can't be any more damage so all there is left to gain is some positive impressions and the demo might be just that.

If they hold it back intentionally, then that just sends out the wrong signal.

masterg4075d ago

@drunk pandas

Yeah I agree. If the game is as bad as some say it's best to wait a week or two after the release.

drunkpandas4075d ago

"There can't be any more damage so all there is left to gain is some positive impressions and the demo might be just that"

There's definitely more damage that could be done. A lot of people take the early reviews with a grain of salt and want to try for themselves. Should the demo prove them wrong, there's a lost sale. Multiply that times however many people were on the fence that might not buy the game because of their time with the demo, and it would add up quick.

Cat4075d ago

yeah, it's like waiting too long to get your movie rated, or not letting the reviewers see it before release. if there isn't a demo before launch, i won't pick this game up until i've played one.

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embracemybeaver4075d ago

bom chicka wah wah!!!!!!!!!!
mad update... psn store is coming along very nicely now!

Assumedkilla4075d ago

The previous 2 weeks on the PS3 Store haven't been terrific. We got a demo of a game that came out (and I have owned) since March on the 360 (GRAW 2). Warhawk sounds great this week and I will probably buy it but the rest of the items sound crappy.

embracemybeaver4075d ago


jay34075d ago

the 360...

Unless that was sarcasm...

drunkpandas4075d ago

The Xbox Live Marketplace has far surpassed anything the PlayStation Store has done to date. This week will be the first time a full retail type game will be available for download. At the present, the PS3 is the only console capable of doing this (because of the 360's 150mb limit on XBLA games). But like I said, otherwise the 360 Marketplace has been much better to date.

aaquib4075d ago

360 will never have a Store update like this. Including Warhawk, High stakes, or Tekken will never happen because the limit on XBOX LIVE Arcade games is only 150mb, while developers on the PSN has no limit...

Maddens Raiders4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

There's not another system capable of downloads of this magnitude. The PlayStation 3 is built for NEXT gen gaming. Jay3 yes, the 360 has Marketplace and has been around for a while, but let's get real -- the progression and evolution of SNE's online system has surprised many. A year and a half ago 360 fans were clowning around in the streets asserting that Sony would never be able to match Live (comparing it to the, then, PS2 online service), amazingly now we're hearing with a little more work they might actually surpass LIVE in the shortrun. Boy, what a difference a dedication to next-gen gaming makes. LIVE is a great system, but I think SNE is emulating LIVE (in their own style) and with the power of the PlayStation 3 "can" and will surpass what's been on the books for MS now for years. Sadly, the Wii is not even in the same time zone in this regard.

Remember, the PS3 is a nine month old phenom accomplishing this feat, and doing it well I might add. A wonderful, free, and robust online service which is worth a second look. Just my thoughts.

razer4075d ago

Is all I got to say.. It was a bigger download than Warhawk..

Not that I want to argue about this, but I am just correcting you that the Live platform could not accomplish something like this.

Still, I'm looking forward to this weeks updates. To think I've got about 6 demo's in the last week on Live and I could use some PSN lovin.

ShiftyLookingCow4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

I got to disagree. While there is a good chance of PSN catching up and overtaking XBLM(esp with stuff like Home, free GT5 Prologue), the latter came in first and it was a bit of gamble at the start. PSN doesn't has same kind of freq download updates(demos, videos, movies etc) as 360. I am sure Sony is working on that and bringing their huge catalog of movies and maybe even music to PSN. At this particular time however, XBLM is better and more straight forward in its presentation.

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