Gamer Girls: A Study

Today’s lesson is for all the girls who call themselves “gamer girls.”. I have a few problems with these post-feminist movement girls who are not content to simply play games but feel the need to let everyone know their sex. The girls who are more in love with the idea of being ‘different’ than with actually playing games. You know, even though so many girls are playing games these days that choosing ‘gamer girl’ as the thing that makes you special borders on the absurd. Buckle up!

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Dramscus2858d ago

O.o I approved it but it's kind of a lame article.
Maybe it's an american thing, maybe it's an xbox thing. Most girls I know that play games aren't knobs about it. I'm sure a few are but it's probably proportional to the amount of guys that do the same bitching and whining.
My gf plays games (wii rpg and adventure mostly) and she's of the variety that doesn't think sex matters in games (unless your into playing barbies pony adventure or something thats targeted at a gender).
A girl I used to buy weed off is a ps3 player that's mostly into shooters never heard her whine about getting served.
So like I said maybe it's cause I'm in canada, maybe it's that different type of people buy each console. Who knows.
This has been my opinion. Over and out.

matgrowcott2858d ago

I think that's kind of the point of the article. The vast majority of girls are fine (of course), but you don't have to look very far on this internet to find legions of 'girl only clans' where the description reads something along the lines of "We know girls are better than boys, so why don't we show it on Xbox Live? This group is to help all girls gain confidence while gaming so that we can firmly show we're not a gender to be messed with."

It's really THAT sort of girl that I think the article is about. The sort where it's like...the female gamer is a myth and there are only 3 on the internet, so let's talk about our boobs all the time and say Call of Duty in the same sentence = girl gamer.